Thursday, May 21, 2015

REQUEST: Logo Designer

Would anybody be willing to design a logo, perhaps an animated one for my studio, 'Imaginative Logo Productions'? Retarded, I know.

I have a vivid visual concept in mind if anyone's interested, and I welcome to contribute your own style. Willing to pay If desired.

Nothing fancy, no lighting, explosions, jets, just a minimalist drawing of a boy being poked with a stick over and over and then scowling. The kid doesn't even need to have hair or a nose, simplicity is good, but I'm flexible. The kid can be unisex, in fact. No gender-identifying features. I'd like that. Something that looks cool, but a bit crude as well, roughly drawn. I drew the current logo in MS paint, after all.
Concept Art

If you have concept art or a finished product you'd like to show me, please e-mail me at with the subject line 'Logo'. Seen some really great work from you guys so far, so I'm stoked if anybody comes up with anything. If not, no big deal.

Again, don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild, I understand the importance of collaboration and don't believe I'm a problem to work with. I love seeing other people's work. I'll only really object to something if I feel it's detrimental to what the logo's about. "Who cares about the logo, here's the movie", that's what I'm after. At the same time -- "Don't push me, motherfucker."

Cheers.  I'd be willing to pay more for some site banners and thumbnails too. Site's shite.