Friday, May 22, 2015

Patreon Details

Note to backers: Based on e-mails, tweets and my blog polls, my payment model has now been switched from per-video to per-month. This means that the amount you've pledged will be cashed out at the beginning of each month via whatever online transfer method you selected.

Should this cause you to reconsider your pledge amount, please adjust it as you see fit before you're charged.

A couple of people have suggested I go into a little more detail about my funding campaign for those who aren't sure what Patreon is exactly and how it works.

What is Patreon?

- Online crowd-funding platform.
- People support artists producing content regularly.
- Not donating towards single project.
- Anybody can pledge any amount.
- Pledge amount cashed out at each month's end.
- Pledges wired through one of numerous online banking services (Paypal, etc.)
- Pledges can be adjusted, cancelled any time.
- Rewards for backers.
- More rewards for greater pledges.

How do I support you?

Here's my campaign page:

Jon's Patreon Campaign Page

Becoming a Patron is simple:

- Click above link.
- Enter pledge amount in 'Give $X per month' field.
- Click large, orange 'Become a Patron' button.
- Select your reward.
- Enter payment info (via Patreon or Paypal).

The various rewards can be seen by clicking the link leading to my Patreon page and scrolling down.

The rewards have recently been updated, along with the campaign description.

As I said before, I encourage you to only donate what you feel my content is worth to you.

Thank you all so much for your support thus far, I'm thrilled. Please stay tuned.