Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Multiple Potential Kickstarter Projects

Hey, guys.

So, following my release of the Chemotheraplay pitch video, I've run into a bit of a problem.

The feedback on the two cuts of the pilot has been mostly positive, but it's also been met with some very incisive, valid and constructive feedback from fans which I can't help but consider.

Thank you for it all, by the way. I've read everything. The reaction has been wonderful.

There appears to be a substantial school of thought that likes the show, but based on their knowledge of what I'm capable of producing, they feel I could create a different kind of show that's fundamentally much funnier; and all I'm trying to do here with this crowd-funding project is make people laugh as much as possible. It doesn't matter too much to me what form that takes.

So, I'd still like to throw up a Kickstarter page, but I'm not sure which project I should allot potential donations to.

I currently have three personal projects that I'm interested in producing:

  • Chemotheraplay
  • Cameron Shuttersnap Film How-To Mini-Series
  • Paulie Frost Pilot Episode

I'm going to throw a poll up on the top of my Blog and ask the fans what they'd prefer to see. Whichever wins, I'll try to make that the subject of the Kickstarter page.

Here's an overview of each project:


A satirical game review show in which I play an offensive, ridiculous character named the Chemotherapist, who claims himself to be the "cure for the cancer killing gaming" and mercilessly bashes games that are deeply loved by people all around the world, ranging from retro to modern-day titles with reviews that are riddled with prejudice and logical inconsistency.

Cameron Shuttersnap Film How-To Mini-Series

Another satirical show, in which I assume my 'Cameron Shuttersnap' character (from a film school assignment I completed in my first year, which can be seen here) and break down the process of creating a film from a written script to a finished product into a string of several episodes. It would, again, be riddled with logical inconsistency on the part of the character I'd be playing, but with a much more subtle and deadpan delivery due to the established nature of the character, which many fans consider my strongest assets and believe those aren't being taken advantage of in Chemotheraplay. I also intend for it to include interviews with my fellow students at film school who specialize in various departments, and the departments interviewed would depend on the subject of the episode, whether it's writing, lighting, directing, editing, etc.

Paulie Frost

A pilot episode for a half-hour animated series of the action and comedy genres, taking place in the distant future when intergalactic travel has been made possible, and revolving around a young penguin, over-the-top action movie junkie and submissive school yard punching bag named Paulie Frost, who's inspired by his childhood sweetheart Penny to take a stand for others when he sees her being bullied; the pair share a complete disgust for bullying in all of its forms. The story follows Paulie as he grows from a child into a nervous police Officer in training, and then into a hardened, no-bullshit intergalactic counter-terrorism agent when a monstrous and ruthless leopard seal named General Leonard Rex seeks to reign supreme control over the universe with an army of lethal, brain-washed soldiers and targets the Earth, and Penny is eventually kidnapped and forced into slavery. Paulie's character develops further, until he becomes a sunglasses-wearing, cigarette-smoking, Desert Eagle .50-toting mercenary for hire who abandons the law and takes on the most suicidal missions, alongside a team of rag-tag misfit critters and close childhood friends aboard a barely-functioning spacecraft while never stopping his search for Penny. The show is intended to be brutally violent with a strong emotional core, and is essentially about bullying, exploring ideas including the cycle of abuse and the power of an individual to become whoever or whatever he or she wants, as the once submissive and physically abused young Paulie is, as an adult, forced to do brutal and horrifying things in his pursuit of Penny and abuse his increasing positions of power, and is placed in danger of the one thing he and Penny despise the most -- a bully.

I'm enthusiastic about all three, but if I had to pick one, I'm definitely the most excited about Paulie Frost, because I really think that I could make a funny, action-packed and bad-ass narrative.

Unfortunately, it'd also be the hardest to create, as the production process would be considerably more demanding, and I don't officially have an animator lined up.

However, Chemotheraplay and the Cameron Shuttersnap Mini-Series I could see producing myself relatively easily, with enough funding.

So, you see my dilemma; I don't want to ask for money when I'm not even sure what project I should pursue. I know better than most that you can't please everybody, but I'd like to please as many as I can.

Vote in the poll; what do you think?

Thanks again to all of you for your support!