Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chemotheraplay Pilot, Web Log, Jackass Express


The pilot for Chemotheraplay may come out yet.  To my understanding, a revised cut is currently under review.  I'm not quite sure what's taking so long.  Not much I can do on my end.  I'll let you know when I learn more about its status.

As I've mentioned in my tweets, I plan on starting a web log series.  Nothing elaborate or fancy, just me talking to the camera about subjects either funny or informative, ideally both.  I've decided to make my first entry a thorough tutorial on writing and structuring stories in an effort to assist aspiring writers, based on the knowledge I've accumulated throughout my decade-long practice of the art.  I'm hoping you guys will get a lot of use and laughs out of it.

As I've also previously mentioned, I've started to put myself out there for freelance writing work.  I've acquired a little gig writing humorous articles on pre-conceived subjects.  One's already gone online, about the differences between making New Year's resolutions and the system of long-term goal setting.  The article and the others to follow can be checked out here:

Jackass Express

Thanks again for the attention and support, and stay tuned.