Sunday, August 11, 2013

Film and You: A Filmmaking Instructional Video

Hey, guys.

Consider this an apology for the series finale teaser delay.

The following link will lead you to a video on a new YouTube account I've just created for myself.  The video is a short I wrote and directed in film school as a final project for my first year cinematography class.  Technically, it's the worst possible assignment that could be turned in as the video is, from the standpoint of cinematography, utterly unappealing.  It's terrible production quality is intentional however, for comedic purposes.  I play the role of a deluded film instructor named Cameron Shuttersnap who basically turns the basics of filmmaking completely on its head.  I'm not sure I received a very good grade on it, but it sure went down well with the class.

Here's the video:

Film and You: A Filmmaking Instructional Video

Hope you enjoy.