Saturday, July 13, 2013

Arby 'n' the Chief S07E21: "Flatline"

Hey guys,

"Flatline" is now available:

Arby 'n' the Chief S07E21: "Flatline"

Sorry again to drag the story out by adding another episode, but I don't mean to make it any longer than is necessary.  This is a quiet episode, but things pick up in the ones to follow.  Also, forgive my voice acting.  Hope you enjoy.


UPDATE: I've noticed people commenting on the presumed ill logic of Madeline's physician informing Eugene that her condition has become critical before going on to say that she's passed away.  Sounds weird, but I actually researched the procedure doctors follow when informing people of a death in the family and it's apparently common to say the condition of a patient who has died has become critical, as a means of bringing the family to the hospital as soon as possible so they can be informed of the truth in person.  Just thought I'd share.