Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Take A Seat" Delay

Hey, guys.

So, I've been placed in an embarrassing position.  I was prepared to get "Take A Seat" done for this Saturday, which contains a scene critical to Colin's character and can't be moved to another episode appropriately due to the rigidness of the season's plot at this point.  Unfortunately, the character's voice actor Bruce Greene has his hands full with Machinima's live streaming coverage of E3, which will occupy his days fully until the week's end.  I'm faced with either pushing the episode's airing to the following Saturday, or re-writing the episode to side-step Bruce's absence; which would require the episode to be pushed anyway, so I may as well stick with the former option.

Though I wasn't expecting the delay myself, I apologize for not keeping my promise of weekly episodes free of interruption.  My term at school ended just a month ago, and only since then have I been able to give the show my full attention, and I have been.  I was naive; juggling school simultaneously ate up much more of my lead time than I had anticipated.  Hopefully after this delay I can get the remainder of the episodes out weekly.  The only instance this is likely to happen again is with the finale, which I'm debating asking for an extra week to work on in order to make it a double-length episode and hopefully more satisfying -- if Machinima would allow it.

To apologize, I'd like to spend a part of today throwing another data folder together and make it available for download here, containing music tracks used in the show that have yet to be released along with the scripts for a few episodes.  I'll put a link here shortly.  If there's a script, track, or other item in particular you'd like me to include, feel free to tweet me (@jcjgraham) and I'll see if I can do it.  Or you could just call me a thundercunt, it's up to you -- but I'd prefer if that was kept to a minimum.

Thanks for your support.


UPDATE: Here's a link to a .ZIP file I threw together, which contains the scripts for the past three episodes of the show and all of the music tracks used in the show so far; including both the ones I've uploaded previously, and seven new ones.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a horrendous music producer.  The tracks you'll find are extremely basic and repetitive, but were created to establish a tone in the show as an alternative to paying licensing fees for professionally-produced tracks.  Nonetheless, people have asked for them.  Sorry again for the delay.