Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Twitter: @jcjgraham


So, I've finally decided to sign up for a Twitter account:


I was resistant to it for a very long time, wishing to draw my social networking line at Facebook.  I'm not nearly as fond of or secure about the idea of being digitally connected with the world as plenty of others seem to be.  It kind of freaks me out, actually.  However, I've recently been learning the potential value of at least having an account on Twitter.  For one, it eliminates the problem of others posing as me using the service, which has been creeping me out.  It also lets me keep followers of my Blog a little more up-to-date, as I barely have the patience to update the damn thing.  I can see myself sending out quick, short tweets on occasion; show updates, stupid jokes and what-not.  And should I ever be required to make a statement publicly in response to something, I have an effective method.

If you're a fan of my bullshit, feel free to follow me.  And know if that there are any different users on Twitter claiming to be me, this is the authentic one.

Really hoping this works out well.


UPDATE: Twitter widget added to the right.