Thursday, May 23, 2013

"In Memoriam" to air June 1st

Hey guys,

I'm sorry to say that the next episode of the show, "In Memoriam", is being pushed forward a week, and will air on June 1st.  I do realize that I said, before the second half of season seven began airing, that its episodes would air weekly with no gaps in between, hence the apology.  However, I've had an unusually hard time with the episode's script and had to replace some computer hardware.  Plus, work on the show's been non-stop since "Blast Radius", weekdays and weekends, and I could use a quick breath of air.  I still intend for the remainder of the episodes to air back-to-back, I just need a week.

Thanks, and please stay tuned.  Marking the end of the second act, the next episode's a biggie.