Saturday, May 4, 2013

Arby 'n' the Chief S07E13: "Dead Weight"


Here's the next episode:

Arby 'n' the Chief S07E13: "Dead Weight"

I realize, at approximately eight minutes, that its running time is modest.  However, it's a very visual episode, with lots of action and minimal dialogue.  These kinds of episodes take much longer to produce.

Had a rough day getting this one out.  Worked on the episode all morning and afternoon of the day before yesterday, left to attend a year-end film school project screening that I felt I couldn't afford to miss, came back, then cut the episode for sixteen hours, from one in the morning to five in the following evening.  I was coincidentally dealing with some emotional shit on the phone at around one in the afternoon, the time when I still had a mountain of footage to sift through and my production manager was wondering where the hell the episode was.  I felt so stressed out that I froze for about ten minutes, all the while knowing that precious seconds that could've been spent getting the job done were steadily ticking away.  I haven't felt like that during production of an episode for some time, not since the season five finale.  That was balls.

So, I hope you enjoy.  I'd particularly enjoy some feedback on this one.  I don't respond to comments, but I read all of them.  I regularly click "All Comments" on all of my episode pages and go through the whole list.  I like it when people acknowledge and comment on little details that they find and appreciate, it makes me feel a lot better, which benefits the production of the following episodes.  I also like it when people point out plot-holes, which I might even be able to fix as I develop the scripts.  Of course, if you didn't like something, it's good to mention that too.

Thanks for the continued support, hope you enjoy.


UPDATE: A curse word is bleeped out in the episode, due to the fact that it's on the network's list of banned ones.  However, keeping the curse word in the first place was a creative decision on my part because I thought the bleep and the censor bar made the moment funnier.  No need to give Machinima shit for it.