Saturday, December 1, 2012

News: Return From Hiatus

Alright, here we go.  First of all, thank you very much for your patience.  Despite the odd fellow calling me a lazy dick-sucking cunt and demanding that I die in a fire, I've noticed that the majority of people have been understanding of my time taken off, and quite supportive.  I'm grateful for that, and your e-mails.  Even the death threats, they're sweet.  They tell me that you care.

Here's my director's commentary for the mid-season finale of Arby 'n' the Chief, "Two Point Zero", which was released several weeks ago, in case you missed it:

Arby 'n' the Chief S07E07: "Two Point Zero" Director's Commentary

Sorry for milking my hiatus a little longer than expected.  I didn't believe that getting ahead in writing for the show throughout the time would be as difficult as it proved to be.  School kept bombarding me with assignments and long days on film sets in various production roles, which really got in the way.  There was also the pressure of making a strong comeback following my absence and firing on all pistons.

Though I've noticed that many people have dismissed the possibility of work getting on top of me and instead embraced the obligatory conclusion that I died in a horrific car accident.  Again.  Why is it always a horrific car accident?

Yes, as I was driving along the highway operating the steering wheel with my teeth while giving handjobs, footjobs and receiving anal sex from a carful of naked men, I swerved clean off the road and my vehicle flipped over nine thousand times until slamming to a halt at the bottom of a ravine.

I spat blood as I clawed at the dirt and dragged my twisted body out from my car's mangled and burning chassis.  "The fans ... the fans ..." I kept shouting as I choked for air; "I can't let down the fans ... the show must go on."

A few days ago I updated the blog's video queue and wrote that the next Byte, titled "One Love", would air today.  The episode's air date has now been pushed to the 8th of December instead.  I apologize.  The episode was actually completed and submitted on Thursday evening and ready for air today, but I've yet to be sent a confirmation that it was received, which is routine.

I inquired about the lack of confirmation, and apparently the programming team that handles my content specifically is snowed under managing content for the Machinima Interactive Film Festival that's currently running.

I resolved to create a realistic schedule and stick to it to the best of my ability upon returning from my hiatus and I've fucked up before I've even started.  Go me.

If I'm being honest, I'm relieved to have a little more time before the release of the next full-length story episode, what with upcoming final exams and the Christmas holidays, but I'm disappointed that I won't be able to read what you guys think of the latest Byte; titled "One Love", as I've said, and I consider it to be one of the best that I've produced.

Sorry that the next story episode, "Broken", won't be released until January.  I'm going to be heading out of town to visit family mid-December for the Christmas holidays, and I need to produce the Christmas and New Years' specials, which will air on the two Saturdays throughout that period, before I leave.  That leaves me with no time to get the next story episode out before Christmas, which I was initially aiming for.  I wasn't anticipating this Saturday's Byte being pushed.

I'm really pleased with the script for "Broken" (originally named "Black" and changed due to alterations in the structure of the season's story).  It's the point in the season where things start to get creepy.  Then in the following episode, "In Memoriam", shit starts getting real.

Thanks so much, everybody.  Hang in there.