Saturday, December 15, 2012

News: New Programming Plan

Hey all,

There's a lot that's happening with the company right now, lots of growth and team changing, and it's taking forever for me to get concrete information from my management in regard to the plans for the airing of the rest of the show -- but here's what I've gathered so far.  This can be considered either good news or bad news depending on your amount of patience, which I know is dwindling.

With the green-lighting of the second half of season seven, it's clear that the company sees value in the show, and they want the remaining episodes to go hand-in-hand with a strong promotional campaign to make it succeed.  Unfortunately, promotion isn't compatible with the main story's slow air rate of once every three or four weeks.  The gaps are too wide, and interest isn't held strongly enough.

It's still in discussion among management (I should know more on Monday), but the plan they're strongly leaning towards involves the following negatives:

- The Bytes will end.  "One Love", if I can even get programming to air it, will be the last of its kind; at least until the story season is completed.
- The story season won't resume until March, possibly April.  No new content will be seen from me until then.
- Episodes will be shorter than usual, hovering around a running time of ten to fifteen minutes; no half-hour episodes (could be a positive for some).

And now, the positives:

- The number of episodes of the seventh season will increase from thirteen to sixteen.
- When the season does resume airing, the episodes will be released back-to-back, one per week.  No gaps.
- The company has a solid, completed line-up of programming to take advantage of from a promotional standpoint.
- I can use the airing period to work ahead on a new project.

I think being given lead time to produce the entire remainder of the season is great, but its timing is very unfortunate as you've all endured my creative hiatus already.

I'm currently fighting to at least get "One Love" uploaded for Chirstmas, but my management is being resistant.  They'd prefer to release all of my content within a solid block of time, and not tease people with a short out of the blue and deprive them of content again until March/April.  While I understand the logic, it seems silly to have a completed short that I worked hard on sitting around doing nothing in the company inbox, and I feel bad for not giving you guys something small for the holidays after being so patient.

When I know more, you'll know more.