Saturday, December 8, 2012

News: Issues

Hey, guys.

So there's a good chance that the next Byte won't air this Saturday either, I'm so sorry; and I don't want to alarm anybody as nothing is concrete yet, but I've been hearing worrying talk very recently from the programming team that handles my content that my position among the company is being re-evaluated due to a lack of viewership of my show, I assume in comparison to their other Happy Hour content (and the million-high figures of my show throughout the first three seasons).  I'm guessing this has been the real reason behind the recent hold on the airing of my stuff (they've had my latest Byte since Thursday, November 29th).  I could be axed, which would mean the stopping of the show's production and season seven being left only half-complete, and I'll need to find another gig.

Again, I don't want to cause worry among the fans just yet.  I've been stressing out and trying to get to the bottom of this for the past few days, and I'm hearing conflicting stories from staff of varying levels of seniority.  One person says there is a problem, another says he wasn't aware there was one.  It's all left me very confused and dumbfounded as to what to tell you all, who have been incredibly patient with me.

If I don't know something this weekend, I should by Monday.  And as soon as I do, I'll let you guys know what's up.

Thanks again, guys.