Saturday, December 8, 2012

News: "Issues" Update

Hi guys,

In regard to my previous post, and in light of some of the hostile comments I've seen posted on YouTube since the post was published, as well as a number of received e-mails from concerned and supportive fans (which I'm immensely grateful for), I feel that I must stress that there's no real reason for concern among the fan base just yet.  I have not heard any official negative news from the company's administration; in fact, things are looking positive at this point, as the individual among the administration I have spoken to did not seem aware of a problem in the first place, told me the situation would be looked into and apologized for any confusion.

The recent delay of my content since two weeks ago remains unexcused and I apologize, but please set aside your worry and hostility, should either be present.

I will update when I know something.