Monday, October 8, 2012

Bytes S02E06: "The True Fan"/production hiatus/"Two Point Zero" director's commentary

Hey all,

First thing -- here's the link to the latest Byte, which I missed my deadline for:

Arby 'n' the Chief - Bytes S02E06: "The True Fan"

The next video that I'll be putting out is a director's commentary for the latest story episode, "Two Point Zero", which I also missed my deadline for.  Sorry for the lack of professionalism.

Why all these late submissions?  Work on the show in combination with school work has simply been getting overwhelming; which leads me to the next item of discussion.

I've asked to take a temporary hiatus from producing the show.  A few weeks, at least.  Not a vacation, but a writing break -- a chance to take a breather, recharge my creative batteries and get ahead on script writing without the pressure of having so many deadlines, which have been having a paralytic effect on me lately; I've been handing in not only my videos for Machinima late, but some school assignments as well.  I don't want the show or my grades to deteriorate because I (stupidly) bit off more than I've found that I can chew.

So consider "Two Point Zero" as a mid-season finale, and production will restart in a little while.  The commentary that is to be released soon will further explain my situation.

I'm also running dry in regard to ideas for the Bytes, which I'm sure hasn't gone unnoticed.  This is because I've had zero time to play any new games and soak in what the gaming industry's been offering these days, and thus have no material to play with.

Thanks for being so patient, and please stay tuned.