Saturday, August 11, 2012

News: "Ashes" probably to air tomorrow if not later tonight

Hey guys,

Title says it all.  No more week-long delays on my end -- the newest story episode, "Ashes", is completed and submitted.  I did, however, submit it rather last-minute on Friday evening.  It was a big job (episode is about twenty-one minutes in length), but ultimately the late submission was caused by my own error in time management.  I've had five weeks to work on the damn thing, after all.

So I apologize that the episode has yet to air, but Machinima's programming team does have it and it's only a matter of little time before it's available.  It might be too late in the day now for there to be a chance that it'll be uploaded today, which means it'll probably be uploaded sometime tomorrow.

Thanks again for your patience.