Friday, July 27, 2012

News: "Armor Deep"/Story Episode Delay/Director's Commentary/Goodies

Hey all,

First thing -- here's the link to the latest Byte, "Armor Deep":

Arby 'n' the Chief - Bytes S01E12: "Armor Deep"

Not as deep as the title might suggest, but I thought it turned out alright.  I liked the idea of doing an 80's-style training montage in the vein of Rocky.

Anyway, I'm sorry to ask for more patience on your part as I will be pushing the release of the next story episode for another week.  I need extra time to work on the script for it, it's still a bit of a mess at this point.

So instead of a story episode, for airing tomorrow I've submitted a director's commentary on the fourth episode of the seventh season, "Terminal".  I'll be talking about a lot of things about the show on a broad level though, not just things about that episode -- I chose it because it had the longest run-time.

To say thanks for your patience, I've also created a little zip file with some goodies: a screenplay from one of the bytes, a screenplay from a story episode, and music tracks that I've been working on to use throughout the season.  Keep in mind that I'm by no means a music producer; I realize that it's a whole other realm of artistry that I know little about.  However, I do enjoy dabbling in it, and I like to create simplistic tunes to help sell certain feelings that I'm trying to convey through the scenes that I write, if I can't find a professionally-produced track that I can purchase a license for.  And I know people have been asking for this season's soundtrack as I did the same thing for season six previously, so here it is:


Alternatively, you can use this less-intimidating download link:

Arby 'n' the Chief Season 07 Goodies

Some of the tracks I think are alright, overly-simplistic as they are.  But that shows you what I know about the field.  I have little doubt that they'll make real music producers facepalm.