Monday, February 20, 2012

News: Aftermath

Hey, dudes.

Just back from a weekend's hibernation and feeling alright again.  You can tell how much the edit for The Reunion fried me in the fact that the oh-so-ominous countdown timer miraculously jumps from ten minutes to twelve minutes.  I raged so fucking hard when I caught the error the next morning that I poured myself a second bowl of Cheerios.  Completely neutralizes the tension and makes the scene retarded, so I'm sorry about that.

I try to produce the show as if it were to be broadcast on television, that's the quality I aim for (other than resolution of course, for more practical reasons.  I mean more in terms of shooting and editing); but that really clashes with the fact that I work almost entirely solo, there's an infinitely larger margin for error.  When I mess up, it really stands out.

But hiccups aside, for the most part, people seem to be really digging the finale, and I'm really happy about that.

I know the episode fucks you in the face with exposition, poor planning on my part.  I'll try and be more clever about it in the content to come.

One issue I've noticed is that some people are upset by Cortana's return, due to the fact that in season three it was established that Cortana, Todd and Travis were abducted by a homosexual alien (which looked suspiciously like my chin upside-down with little paper eyes) and carried aboard its ship millions of lightyears into outer space.  The alien, having no interest in women, proceeded to shoot Cortana into the center of a sun and then ass-rape Todd and Travis endlessly from that point on.

A few of these people that are upset by the plot hole seem quite up in arms about it, claiming that I've done a major "disservice" in butchering the timeline for fans of the early seasons.  Seriously, guys?  I mean I'm sorry if it really is disturbing for you, but I think it's obvious that that particular plot point was a joke for the most part, and was written before I started taking the timeline very seriously.  At that point in time, Arby 'n' the Chief wasn't much more than strings of cock gags.  Without intending to offend fans of the show, in my opinion the show didn't start getting substantial until the latter half of season four.

In fact, from my perspective, I felt I was doing you guys a service by disregarding such a ridiculous event and instead tweaking the timeline in order to ground Cortana's absence and return in a much more acceptable way, particularly in the relation to the tone of the sixth season up to that point.  Not to mention that I find the humor of the show is so much more effective if the characters, environment and events are treated with as much authenticity as possible.

I can only take that so far though, it's obviously implausible for a toy spider to crawl across the city and mail himself back in a box, and for the delivery man not to ask questions about Master Chief and the Arbiter's voices and the fact that they refuse to open the door, but, all things considered, I think the suspension of disbelief is at an acceptable level.

Obviously, it's only a small portion of the viewer base that has any major problems with the episode so far apparently.  I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for your hits, likes, comments and e-mails, as well as allowing me to let the show grow in its current direction.  I believe it to be best.

Is this the end?  We'll see.  A bad habit I have is speaking early about things, and then failing to meet expectations.  I need to work on that, and speak about things when I know for sure they're happening.  I don't know what's ahead quite yet, but please stay tuned.

I also finally have some time to myself now, which feels so, so nice.  The end of the season has coincidentally fallen on the start of my school's reading break, so now I can perhaps finish off Dark Souls as well as work on some side projects.  I posted a small excerpt from a Sonic the Hedgehog script I was working on some time ago, and I'm still working on that.  Some might be interested in the fact that I'm working on a full half-hour spec script for the pilot of a Sonic cartoon series, but I'm not expecting that to actually happen.  I'm just writing it for practice and personal enjoyment.  I'll probably put it up on here when I get it finished, let you guys read it over if you want.

Thanks for watching!