Sunday, December 11, 2011

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief - Behind the Scenes: Part One

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay.  The 'behind-the-scenes' episode I said I'd do outlining the production of an episode of the series is now available:

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief - Behind the Scenes: Part One *

* SPOILER WARNING: A section near the beginning of the video covering my outlining process displays (accidentally) some events taking place in the final episodes to come.  Don't read too closely at my notes or read the video's comments if you don't want the last couple of episodes partially spoiled for you.

Mind you, a lot of the ideas you'll see in my notes were never and will not be used.  A lot of the stuff I write down during the outline phase doesn't end up working and I just abandon it.  But there are one or two things in my notes displayed in the video that are true which have yet to be revealed in the story, sorry about that, my mistake.  But they don't give away that much, thankfully.  There's a lot that happens in the next episode; even if you read every last detail in the video, there's still some surprises in store.

I hope this will give people a much better understanding of the amount of work involved in producing the series, and perhaps be more understanding of the gaps and delays between the release of episodes.  This video covers the brainstorming, outlining, writing, breakdown and voiceover recording processes and is only the first part of two.  It's an extensive process I think, but it's not even the worst part -- the writing is the fun stuff.  The second part will cover the filming and editing processes, which can really suck sometimes.  This on top of essays, film shoots and late-night edits can be incredibly stressful.  Don't get me wrong, it's a comfortable gig, I wouldn't choose anything else over this, but it's a lot.

I'll probably need to cut down the runtime of my content overall after this season ends, especially over the next term, which my teachers keep warning me contains a significant spike in workload.  It's pretty worrying.  I'll figure something out, though.  I hope everyone will be understanding of that, too.  I'd like to keep up with expectations, but I'd also like to live past thirty.

This episode isn't very funny or anything, but I think it's informative with some decent insights.  I hope it's helpful or entertaining in some way.  I always hate when I watch behind-the-scenes content from my favorite shows and they barely talk about the writing process, I'd kill to hear that stuff, so I talk quite a bit about my writing process in this video.  It's my favorite part, and the most important, in my opinion.


P.S. If you have any good recommendations of other software or ways to improve my process in general, please post a comment if you'd like to.  Except Speakonia, I've gotten a million e-mails about that.  Microsoft Sam and Mike don't sound the same.  Their pronunciations and inflections are off, people would pick up on it and get pissed off, I guarantee it.