Saturday, April 23, 2011

Video: Possible 'Collapse' delay

Note the word 'possible'.  It should come out today.  Possibly even on scheduled time, this heads-up might not even be necessary, but didn't receive the episode from me until late last night so it could be held back a few hours or something.

Typically my deadline for episodes are to have them uploaded to by Thursday morning.  I needed extra time with collapse -- it's a monster of an episode.  Even longer than cheaters (31 minutes).

I really busted my ass on this one to get it out this Saturday, non-stop all week, weekend included, and then a grueling 30 hour crunch edit.  Worked at my computer from 1PM on Thursday to 4PM Friday, no sleep, just a few smoke breaks here and there, I'm fucking fried.  I started uploading the episode to as soon as it was rendered but due to the episode's length it took forever, they didn't receive it until about 10PM last night.

They do have it now, and I see that it was taken out of the folder I uploaded it to on their end at around 9AM this morning.  I'm not familiar with the process of adding episodes to the programming queue but given that they only just have it now they might need a little extra time to get it on YouTube.  Maybe it'll be up on time.  But if they need a few hours, cut them some slack.

Just wanted to give you all a heads-up.