Monday, April 4, 2011

News: 'Cheaters' episode delay

Hey guys,

Sorry to do this, but I'm holding the release of the second last episode of season five, Cheaters, for a week.  It'll air on April 16th instead, followed by Collapse the week after.

The scripts for the two are almost done but still a little wobbly and I don't want to rush out something sub-par.  The past few episodes have been quite difficult, particularly Double Trouble and Stag Night, the latter being a twenty-five page script (Cheaters is even longer than that), typed and produced in a week.  I'm exhausted, to be honest.

So this week instead, in response to a number of requests via e-mail, I'll be re-releasing the season premiere episode with a director's commentary.  This will give me some nice breathing room to make the end of this thing cool.

Admittedly, watching what looked cool in the big picture on paper actually play out, Stag Night's major plot point was predictable.  But there's still some surprises in these last two episodes I think people will like.

I hope everyone's cool with it, I'll try to make the commentary enlightening and interesting.  Thanks so much for your support of the show.  I also appreciate your e-mails, I've gotten some really nice ones, you know who you are.  I'm grateful.


P.S. Anyone looking for an excuse to get some 'thumbs-ups', consider mentioning this in video comments and spreading the word a bit.  The more expected the commentary episode is the better, I don't want everyone annoyed on Saturday.  :(