Monday, March 28, 2011

Request: Gathering info for new project

Hello guys,

I can't go into detail regarding what I'll be working on after this fifth season of Arby 'n' the Chief as I'm not even quite sure myself yet, but whatever it is I'd like it to revolve around the world of hacking and/or cheating in online games, the Halo series and Reach in particular.  So to gain a little insight and craft a storyline that's true to the subject matter, I'd like to ask of anyone reading this who has the time to send me an e-mail describing your personal encounters with hackers/cheaters online (or through system-link tunneling, XBConnect, XLink Kai), if you've had any and would like to share!  These can be outlandish, unfair or physics-defying events that you've witnessed during a game as a result of hacks or whatever, or horror stories like accounts being hacked, passwords being stolen, and so on.  I'm not seeking to participate in these activites myself and am not asking for step-by-step instructions or anything of the sort, I'd simply like people to describe their experiences for the purpose of fiction writing, and perhaps if I have any fans out there that are actually modders themselves they might be able to shed a little light on the mechanics behind it for me so I can write something believable.  Maybe point out some links to informative websites you know of.  I have a very basic understanding of how it all works but it's a bit rusty.

You don't have to of course, only if you have the time and feel like sharing.  Please send your e-mail to the Hypernews address,, and put "Re: cheat/hack stories" in the subject line, or something like that.

Thanks muchly,