Thursday, November 11, 2010

News: The Latest


Well, here's the One Life Remaining season finale:

There's things I like about how the season turned out, and things I hate, but I think it turned out alright overall compared to what I've done before.

I'm currently developing a new show.  No third season of One Life Remaining, and not Hard Justice.  Something better, in Halo: Reach most likely as it still has the easiest and smoothest cinema mode out of anything else, and Machinima done in Reach with the new character animation is at least a lot more tolerable to watch.  I want to make something action-packed that really takes advantage of the real-time video game setting visually as well as in regards to the story.  Like The Shield meets ReBoot.  More details later.

Also, the upcoming Arby 'n' the Chief is kind of a short one.  Sorry to disappoint after a spike in episode length but I need the breathing room to catch up on everything.  It's also not a story-driven episode, rather it's an entire episode dedicated to that fanmail segment I mentioned earlier, "The Mail Room".  I think people will like the more organic feel to it with viewer input and enjoy it just as much, though.