Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates again.  Been pretty busy with E3 and stuff.  Got a number of things to cake care of:

New Videos:
One Life Remaining S2: Episode 2 (View)
Arby 'n' the Chief S4 Teaser (View)

Airing this upcoming Saturday should be the One Life Remaining S2: Episode 3 as well as the E3 coverage that I'm doing, Top X Hidden Gems of E3 (haven't figured out the number yet, still gotta go through the footage and find out what worked and what didn't).

Also, looking at the comments for the Arby 'n' the Chief S4 Teaser, I think those at besides myself that worked on Arby 'n' the Chief in LA are taking too much heat, people think I'm coming in to "save" the series.  I still wrote the majority of Arby 'n' the Chief in LA, so it was primarily my fuck-up.  I screwed it up.  Though granted, I didn't exactly have the greatest launching point, I started writing around the fourth episode in the season and the series was heading in a direction I didn't feel confident in, but I had to give the story a middle and an end anyway.  My heart just wasn't really in it.  I think a lot of credit needs to go to the voice actors and the editor on Arby 'n' the Chief in LA, they did a good job.

The premiere episode of Arby 'n' the Chief season four should air next Saturday.

Regarding E3, I do have a piece of coverage coming this upcoming Saturday as I mentioned, and I will be covering the top X amount of "hidden gems" at the event, the stuff other people aren't really covering that ranges from kinda cool to completely ridiculous.  I try to be pleasant at each presentation even if it's completely retarded, I'll let the audience judge the exhibits for themselves.  Seriously, there's some stupid shit here at E3 this year.  It's hilarious.

I could cover the better stuff, but there's a million other places you can go for coverage hosted by people much better at interviews and performing in front of the camera than I am.  For instance, all of my co-workers, like the Inside Gaming crew.  I'm fucking terrible, anyway.  I'm just here for comic relief, really.

Who do I think won E3 this year?  Nintendo, man.  They fucking kicked everybody's ASS this year.  The 3DS, in my opinion, is the most amazing piece of hardware at the show.  On top of that, Nintendo announced portable 3D revamped Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64, brought back Kid Icarus and Donkey Kong Country, had Kirby's Epic Yarn which looks insane, a fucking new Goldeneye revamp for Wii that's actually decent, and of course Zelda Skyward Sword (which I was expecting to be a little more original and inspired, it really just looking like Twilight Princess with Wind Waker's color palette), but no doubt it'll be fun anyway.  Nintendo sure as hell didn't pull any punches.