Saturday, May 22, 2010

Video: One Life Remaining S2: Episode 1


Well, it's finally up: the premiere of One Life Remaining's second season can be viewed here.

This one was a bit experimental and it's a bit thick with melodrama.  Don't think I haven't picked up on it, the original script actually used to be a lot worse (enough that I cringed, after watching it play out with audio/video as opposed to merely on paper) but I cut out and replaced a bunch of dialogue near the end during post.  Also, reserve your overall judgement until at least the episode after this one where there's a noticeable jump in plot (as well as tolerability to watch).  High school drama in Halo, I know, I know.  Gay.  But... it's one of the worlds I know best.

Only this one episode takes place during that time anyway.  The second episode jumps six months into the future, a short time after the events of season one, and starts right in Anthony and Chad's (and Peter's) apartment.