Friday, March 26, 2010

News: OLR finale, second season

I was playing around with some phat beatz and recreated the Death Egg Zone theme from Sonic & Knuckles out of boredom.

Also, the One Life Remaining season finale is complete, but it won't air until next Saturday.  Machinima's got their own programming line-up thing going on that I don't even have anything to do with, so there's nothing I can do.

If you liked episode 12, you'll love episode 13.

That said, I've decided to do a second season of One Life Remaining shortly following the finale (I'll be taking a couple weeks off for story planning).  This time around I think I have a solid and rich story, and it's being laid out from beginning to end across the season.  I've been alloted more time on each episode to make the score better too.  I'm looking forward to it.

I know I said I was planning to do like a comedy sketch or action series, but they just weren't turning out great on paper, too many kinks to work out (and I want to work on something this season that I can really be proud of and not have shitty writing, flat jokes and a million plot holes, e.g. Hard Justice and even the first season of OLR somewhat).  I recently got such great ideas for a second season of One Life Remaining that I really want to do it now.  So yeah, that's coming soon.