Sunday, February 28, 2010

News: OLR finale, Sonic Classic Collection


Well, One Life Remaining is just about finished.  There's a few gaping plot holes in the season, as per usual with my shit as I barely have time to plan, but I think it's the most coherent season of episodes I've released so far (that follow a story arc, the old Arby 'n' the Chief doesn't really count).

I think fans of the series will get a kick out of the finale.  The last three upcoming episodes are quite interwoven with each other to achieve maximum suspense in the last one.  Also, the upcoming eleventh episode is the first episode of anything I've created that I've used my rough musical abilities to provide an underscore to, to give the show an extra layer of suspense (I spent a lot of extra time on it).  It's something I plan to do much more often.  The same goes for twelve and thirteen.

After One Life Remaining, I have a number of paths I can take.  I'm not necessarily done with One Life Remaining, I'm interested in doing a coherent second season, but perhaps not right away.  I'm leaning towards either a random sketch show, or a story driven action series in the vein of Die Hard or 24 or something, which would really be an opportunity to flex my music muscle.

Completely off-topic, for those who are interested, there's a game for the Nintendo DS coming out this week called Sonic Classic Collection, and it contains Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, and you're able to actually use the lock-on feature and play Sonic 2/3 & Knuckles, something you could previously only do in Sonic Mega Collection (but you have to do a bunch of stupid, tedious shit to unlock it first, like stop and start one of the other Sonic games a hundred times).  And now it's PORTABLE!  I know it probably seems odd to make a big deal about this on my blog, but this is the coolest shit ever from my perspective.

I need a time killer until Perfect Dark comes out on XBLA on the 17th of March anyways.

In addition, the olympics are almost over, and the time is near for every obnoxious sports fan crowding outside every restaurant and bar in Vancouver shouting, high-fiving each other and slapping their dicks together to fuck off already.  Rejoice.