Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Music: MOAR music (now with 100% better music)

UPDATE: And this one:  :3

UPDATE: I also made this:  Way faster pace.  I fucking love this software.


So guess what I bought?  EastWest Quantum Leap: Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition.  For those that don't know, it's a sampler with quality samples of pretty much every orchestral instrument you'd need.  It's one of the programs of choice for people that write music for Hollywood television or films.

I know I'm nowhere near that level yet, but I enjoyed tinkering around with shitty sounds in FL Studio so much that I figured I should invest in what I love doing and produce some pretty decent tracks as I learn more and more.

EWQL SO Gold was about $500.  ...Yeah.  ...Well, at least I won't be buying music off anymore for my videos -- I can make my own!  This is one of my first efforts:

I made it in about two hours.  No loops, I painted every individual note for every instrument on the sequencer (except for the violin screech near the end, that's kind of a loop I guess).  I'm really proud of it, and I feel like I've opened a whole new creative door for myself.

So yeah, if you're into music, I'd advise you invest in the same thing, or maybe one of the other packages (there's one for drums, one for just orchestral instruments, one for choir singing, you can browse through them at

It takes a lot of getting used to, and it's a fucking pain in the ass just to familiarize yourself with the security features set in place to prevent this shit from getting pirated.  I can understand why, but fucking hell.  Took me eight hours just to get it working so I could START playing instruments.  It's worth it though.  Creating music is such a time and stress killer.

- Jon