Monday, January 25, 2010

Video: Hard Justice S2: Episode 13


The finale of Hard Justice is finally up.  You can view it here.

It was supposed to be up on Saturday but I guess there was a mix-up in programming or something.  People seem to think I'm responsible for any hiccups in the release of my stuff.  I have nothing to do with it, owns whatever material they showcase.  On a very basic level, I make shit and they buy it from me.  What they do with it is their call.

When I found it still wasn't up today however, I contacted my production manager about it and it's straightened out now.

Hope you enjoy.  You might be pissed off by the messy, ham-fisted way I wrapped up the complex plot.  You might notice a few gaping plot holes (or rather, chasms) that I'm very aware of.  You might think the plot of the episode is ridiculous to the point of facepalm.  You're right.  I hope you enjoy it anyway.  I ended it the best way I could think of given the time that I had and given the millions of mistakes I made in the show's (and season's) development early on.

I also noted earlier that the ending had a nod to Modern Warfare 2's ending.  Maybe it seems more than just a nod to some, but the characters, the scenario, the dialogue and the events are completely different, all I was really inspired by was the colors, mood, and tension.  Plus it's not like MW2 was the first to come up with a fiery showdown between two rivals.

Come on, it's not like Hard Justice, a series founded on a cock joke, ever had a serious let alone coherent plot.

Now I can finally stop doing what I'm obviously bad at, long-term story telling, and focus on what I'm better at.  I'm aiming at creating a sketch comedy show or something.  More details on that later.


P.S. I actually created the orchestral backing myself with FL Studio during the Bernard/Mason confrontation! I'm not boasting or anything lame like that, but I am kind of proud with the way the piece turned out, plus this might encourage some of you to play around with a music sequencer like I did given the kind of stuff you can churn out (hell, if I can do it, of all people, anybody can fucking do it).