Saturday, December 25, 2010

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief Christmas 2010


Happy holidays.  Here's a little video to spread some Christmas cheer and nod to the show's fifth season, which I've been working hard at.

Arby 'n' the Chief Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief S04E13: "The Spider"


Well, we've reached the end of another season.  Here's Arby 'n' the Chief's finale for its fourth season:

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief S04E13: "The Spider"

Hope you enjoyed the fourth season overall!


P.S.  I incorporated the kitchen sink filling up with water in the episode because at one point I actually left my sink running before heading out and flooded my apartment, my landlord had to come in and suck all the water out and rip up the carpeting.  I was washing a bowl with my headphones in listening to music and just forgot about it.  Derp.

P.P.S.  I recently did a little skit for the Inside Gaming Gamer's Choice Awards, check it out along with the rest of the ceremony footage here:

Video: Inside Gaming Gamer's Choice Awards: Arby 'n' the Chief Skit

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief S04E12: "The Mail Room II"

Hey all,

The new Arby 'n' the Chief is available, "The Mail Room II":

Arby 'n' the Chief S04E12: "The Mail Room II"

I know some people might be disappointed that there's been two fan mail-answering episodes in a row as opposed to narrative-driven ones and they qualify as individual episodes of the season, but I thought it would be justified if I made this one longer and funnier, and I think it is.

However, the season finale is up next (my seasons consist of 13 episodes), and it will be a narrative one, and a special one!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief S04E11: "The Mail Room"

Here's the new Arby 'n' the Chief, "The Mail Room":

Arby 'n' the Chief S04E11: "The Mail Room"

As I mentioned in my previous post, this episode is not story-driven, rather the entire episode consists of the characters answering questions from fans.

I will be reading the comments, so let me know if you'd like to see more of these kinds of episodes, and don't forget to e-mail if you have a question!  Can't do another one without moar quest chins!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

News: The Latest


Well, here's the One Life Remaining season finale:

There's things I like about how the season turned out, and things I hate, but I think it turned out alright overall compared to what I've done before.

I'm currently developing a new show.  No third season of One Life Remaining, and not Hard Justice.  Something better, in Halo: Reach most likely as it still has the easiest and smoothest cinema mode out of anything else, and Machinima done in Reach with the new character animation is at least a lot more tolerable to watch.  I want to make something action-packed that really takes advantage of the real-time video game setting visually as well as in regards to the story.  Like The Shield meets ReBoot.  More details later.

Also, the upcoming Arby 'n' the Chief is kind of a short one.  Sorry to disappoint after a spike in episode length but I need the breathing room to catch up on everything.  It's also not a story-driven episode, rather it's an entire episode dedicated to that fanmail segment I mentioned earlier, "The Mail Room".  I think people will like the more organic feel to it with viewer input and enjoy it just as much, though.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Video: ANTC 10, OLR 12


Here's the latest video links:

Arby 'n' the Chief S04E10: "Night of the Evading Dead"
One Life Remaining S2: Episode 12

I had a high bar to meet/jump with Arby 'n' the Chief after Digital Fruitcakes, I think I got lucky with that one.  The idea was decent and the script came together nicely in an amount of time that allowed me to concentrate on the presentation.

This latest one, Night of the Evading Dead, was a bit of a nightmare (pun not intended).  I bit off more than I could chew, working far too long on the script that ended up being overwritten (minus the "mail room" segment it was about 14 pages, as opposed to the usual 8, approximately).  It was also a technical pain in the ass -- I lost all the sound from my footage, and I had to replace all the sound effects by hand with what I had in my library.  Sorry about that, I hope you can enjoy it anyway.

I cut out the "mail room" segment for this week, also.  Sorry, I'll start it in the next episode.

I think the episode turned out okay for the most part, but I feel it still falls a little short of Digital Fruitcakes despite trying to surpass it.

Also there is a new opening credit sequence, hope you like it.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News: Arby 'n' the Chief Mail!

Hey guys,

I saw a comment recently that there's not enough fan involvement.  So I came up with this idea today to add a brief segment to future videos, "Arby 'n' the Chief Mail", in which they answer a small handful of specially chosen e-mails per week delivered to a specific e-mail address:  If I have time I might get it at the end of this week's episode (which is Halloween themed, by the way, and another long one.  Finalized script ended up being seventeen pages after six partial drafts).

So if you have a question you'd like to ask Arbiter or Master Chief, why not mail  You might end up seeing it answered on an episode.  Also try and keep it brief for display purposes.

Also, polls.  Market research, I guess.  I have a couple ideas for a possible fifth season but I haven't made up my mind on that yet.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief S04E09: "Digital Fruitcakes"

Hey guys,

Here's the new Arby 'n' the Chief:

Arby 'n' the Chief S04E09: "Digital Fruitcakes"

I felt a bit depressed after OLR 11's release, people didn't like it too much.  So I channeled that negative energy and really buckled down for this Arby 'n' the Chief episode, I think you'll enjoy this one.  Took forever, I worked a lot of late nights.  The script alone took forever to polish, which I hope will shine through.  Writing usually doesn't get enough credit.


P.S. Everyone that says the intro is a Conker's Bad Fur Day reference fucking fails.

P.P.S. For those that are interested in screenwriting and its form, here's the production script for the episode:

Arby 'n' the Chief S04E09: "Digital Fruitcakes" Script

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Video: ANTC, OLR


Sorry for lack of updates, here are the most recent videos:

Arby 'n' the Chief S04E08: "B&" (2/2)
One Life Remaining S2: Episode 11

The latest OLR was kind of a bitch to get out and I'm sorry if things seem a bit rushed or unclear in it, I did my best.  I didn't get a package of voice-overs delivered until pretty much the last minute and crunched all day yesterday to get the episode rendered and sent.  I'll try and leave myself more time for the last two.

It's over the top, I know.  And completely retarded since Kathryn just escapes from everything.  But I wanna be able to go a bit crazy with it and use much more of what Halo 3 has to offer in terms of carnage instead of just have another finale like the first season that's just head bobs, not to mention I've only got ten minutes an episode to do that.  This is the last time I'll be using Halo 3 anyway.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Video: One Life Remaining S2: Episode 10


Here's the tenth OLR episode:

One Life Remaining S2: Episode 10

I like the way this one turned out, hope you enjoy.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Videos: OLR, ANTC


Here's all the latest videos:

One Life Remaining S2: Episode 8
One Life Remaining S2: Episode 9
Arby 'n' the Chief S04E07: "B&" (1/2)

This new episode of Arby 'n' the Chief is part one of a two-part episode.  I wanted to come up with an episode that seemed like Reach was already out even though this episode was produced like a week before it did.

There's a shot with a pile of video games Arbiter has hauled out of a box.  Being a total nostalgia junkie, each of those games were hand-picked.  Most of them are relics of my childhood.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief S04E06: "God's Work"


Here it is:

Arby 'n' the Chief S04E06: "God's Work"

Tried to have a bit more fun with it this time.  Let the inevitable console war in the comments commence.

Also, I've actually just moved to a new place, so the next episode will have an entirely different setting.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

News: One Life Remaining S2: Episode 8 delay


The eighth episode went up this morning but it's glitched, video ends about 40 seconds in.  Obviously it wasn't me, just some fuck up during the upload.  When I finish a video it's done at least a week in advance, I check it over, then send it to Machinima.  It then goes into their programming queue and is uploaded whenever.

Unfortunately, since it's the weekend, I can't get in touch with anybody at the offices, so it's possible this won't get fixed until Monday.  Sorry about the inconvenience.


UPDATE: For some reason it's available here in full, for the time being, on BlipTV:

One Life Remaining S2: Episode 8

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief S04E05: "Giveth and Taketh"


Get it while it's hot.  Enjoy.


P.S. By the way, a few people have been e-mailing me about the actual scripts for the episodes I write.  Here's the production script for Giveth and Taketh:

Arby 'n' the Chief S04E05: "Giveth and Taketh" Script (PDF)

You'll need Adobe Reader to check it out.

Also you may notice the dialogue in the video and the script don't match exactly all the time.  The production script gets typed, and then either during recording (voices or video) or even editing, I'll throw in extra stuff or alter lines that don't work on the fly.  Also you'll notice Chief's dialogue isn't completely fucked in the script.  I distort it later during the voice recording/editing phase so I don't get that distracting spellchecker shit.  Enjoy!


Friday, August 20, 2010

News: Reflections


I'm pretty drunk at the moment and trying my best to type coherently.  Had a bit of the ol' Jack.

For a while now I've had an irregular sleeping pattern and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.  I figured a bit of alcohol would help me pass out but it's made me actually go back and revisit all the old Arby 'n' the Chief episodes that I've made over the past few years, so that I might gain some valuable insight on what made them so special and how to handle the episodes for the remainder of the newest fourth season so people can get that feeling they had when they watched those old episodes for the first time.

I actually really laughed at most of them.  I probably sound like a total prick saying that I laughed at my own shit, but really, they did.  But I'm mainly referring to the episodes from the first season.  In the episodes from the second season I introduced some story arc bullshit because I was trying to branch out as a writer but it just didn't work, really.  The third season is a mix of hit-or-miss episodes.  I like "Wedding".

I so wanna be that one filmmaker that can go "Don't worry guys, other writers veer off their path of success, but I get it, man.  I got it covered.  I know how to stay retro, I know how to make people keep laughing".  But that just wasn't the case for me, as I'm sure it has been for many others.  You lose your "spunk" eventually at some point, you forget what made you popular.  I wanna be the guy that never forgets it, but I'm starting to wonder if there's even such a person that exists.  Fame is poisonous.  Not that I consider myself "famous" or anything, in the true sense of the word, I'm just going by views.

I wanna post this before my drunkenness wears off because when I'm sober again, I'm gonna feel so self-conscious that I won't wanna post this message, and I don't want that to happen.  I want people to know the human being behind the retarded videos.  Oh man, I don't even know where I'm going with this.

This post is probably so retarded beyond what I can comprehend right now, and I'm gonna read it over the next morning and think about how fucking retarded it is, but whatever.

I'm drunk, but the reason you aren't finding many (if any) typos (lol "many" and "any" rhymes) is because my brain can still pick out those red zig-zaggy lines in Blogger's text-entry thingy that represent possible spelling errors and I go back and fix them compulsively because I'm slightly OCD.

Oh man, I can barely see straight.  I just wanna collapse into bed, but I gotta finish this first.  I WANNA finish this first.

Thanks a lot guys, really.  I know I've been a dick in the past, but I've learned from it.  Really, thanks for taking an interest in all the stupid shit I've made, it really means a lot.  I mean Jesus, portraying drama in head-bobbing Halo 3 characters, what the fuck, man.  But I thank you all who stick with it.

The next morning I'm gonna read this post and realize I should never have posted it and feel totally embarrassed, but I SHOULD post it.  Alcohol is a truth serum, not some personality-distortioner.  It's a personality revealer.

If you wanna be a writer, just do it man.  Fuck, look at me.  Look at Deus Ex Machina.  The dialogue, especially in the early episodes, is utter shit.  But you learn from it.  The more you write, the more you learn, the better you become.  Don't be afraid to write shit, guys.  Write shit.  Write lots of shit.  You'll learn from it and write better shit until you eventually write something decent.  I'm not quite there yet, but I'm getting there.  I'm closer to there than I ever was, anyways.  Did this paragraph just make sense?  I dunno, I hope so.

I don't think I got to the point of this blog post yet, I hope I yet, but if I didn't, sorry, 'cause I gotta pass out now, seriously.  There's some shit I gotta wake up for in the morning, so yeah.  Thanks a lot guys for keeping up with my stuff and everything, really.

By the way, the upcoming episode of Arby 'n' the Chief is video game related, in response to the comments on the fourth episode about how it wasn't related to video games.  Yes, I actually read all the comments.  Seriously, ALL of them.  I don't respond to them, but I read them.  Same goes for e-mails.

Do what makes you happy, guys.  Do what makes you happy.  This is a shit ugly world and we all gotta find a way to make ourselves happy.  Writing is a fucking horrible job but it's also wonderful at the same time and it makes me happy.  Write if it makes you happy, and if it doesn't, find whatever DOES make you happy.

I gotta collapse into bed now.  I'm very drunk.

I'm not glamorizing drinking, by the way.  Don't drink, it's overrated.  I don't even drink that much, this night was just a one-off, really, because I couldn't get to sleep, but I never slept and ended up writing this instead and probably doesn't make any fucking sense.  I dunno, I can't really keep track of all the stuff I've written so far, all I can hold in my brain is like, the last two words I've written at this point.  "This point".  That's all I remember.  All the other stuff?  Gone.  I hope you can make sense of it.

Goodnight, guys.


News: The rest of One Life Remaining


Before I go over what to expect from the rest of the season, here's episode seven:

One Life Remaining S2: Episode 7

I realize that some of the recent episodes haven't turned out the greatest, but I've learned a lot for next time.  Second acts are hard to write and keep interesting.  But things are gonna pick up pretty soon.

The upcoming eighth episode is basically the last episode leading to an imminent shit storm, and episode nine IS the shit storm. It's pretty much one long action sequence.

Then the third act begins, which is pretty explosive and disturbing -- episode twelve is balls-to-the-wall action, and episode thirteen, being the finale, is utter chaos, contrasting pretty significantly with the season's tame beginning.

Thanks much for staying interested!
- Jon

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

???: Rambling

I typed and saved a very small portion of my nightly absurd internal mental ramblings.  Maybe you'll find some amusement or gain some weird insight in this.


Maybe I'm delusional.  Then surely everybody else must be delusional to some degree.  Jesus.  The world is being run by people as fucked as I am.  They're also surrounding me.  Oh shit.  I probably won't be alive in a few years.  Either we go through 2012's frequency/vibrational shift, or the planet explodes, or implodes, or gets eaten by giant raptors, or someone here's gonna shoot a nuclear bomb.  And if I don't die, I'll probably be poisoned or irradiated, or possibly in a distant area from the blast but then more bombs will go off and I'll be trampled under the stampede of panicking people.  Left to die.  Imagine what it would be like starving to death.  Holy crap, that would suck for real.  That happens to people every day.  People no worse than I am.  I got lucky.  I landed on my feet and hit the ground running out of sure chaos.  Maybe the entire universe is inside the glass eye of a winged super-raptor with cool spikes and a double-bladed scythe, barking orders at a bunch of pissed-off werewolves with brilliant diamond body armor and cloaking devices in a world-wide battle over some fucking hovering trans-dimentional hyper cube that's comically over-mechanized.  ...People are gonna think I'm "trying to be too cool" or something by typing something too imaginative like that.  Who cares what they think.  That's always the message in movies -- who gives a fuck about what anyone else thinks?  No matter how good you try to bee, some guy somewhere is gonna hate you.  Even if it's just that your face reminds him of some other guy at the dildo store that short-changed him earlier.  You probably caught that "bee" typo by now.  You read over it, looked back, examined the context, and then BURST into laughter, muttering to yourself how dumb I was for doing that.  Did I type "bee," to a certain extent, purposefully, because my mind associated it with the correct word "be," or because my mind purposefully meant to type it correctly but I just had my finger on the E key a tad too long while I was scratching an itch on my balls?  What the hell am I talking about?  I'm thirsty.  I can't believe it's almost twenty bucks cheaper to buy another entire Brita filtration jug with a filter in it than a replacement filter on it's own.  That is so fucking stupid.  It's like buying another Lexmark when your ink cartridge runs out.  The world is filled with stupid fucking shit like this.  How can we take any of this seriously?  And I'm the worst out of all of us.  I'm aware of this, and I don't do a God damn thing about it because I'm scared.  Scared of everything.  No matter how cool a face I try to put on at crosswalks.


- Jon

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief S04E03: "Pirates"


So here's the third episode of Arby 'n' the Chief season four, called "Pirates."

This episode kind of sticks out a little bit, you may notice there's no profanity and no tie-in to video games or anything; that's because this episode was used as portfolio material for admission to a film production program at a university here in BC.

I was still refused admission.



P.S. I wish people would stop going on about the discontinuity in regards to the Arbiter being a university student in this episode.  It acted as a gateway to material outside the confines of my bedroom.  Who cares, it's not like this series made any sense when it started years ago anyway, it was always fucking retarded.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Video: Descending Into the Well (Zelda: Ocarina of Time Machinima)


I uploaded it to my lame old DigitalPh33r account.  I'd create a "Jon CJG" but that along with every possible variant has probably already been taken by little poser fucks.

I already know that you don't descend the well as an adult, by the way.  Just go with it.

Honestly, let me know what you think in the comments, I'm interested.


P.S.  It's still the same video it was earlier, just with improved BG audio.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Music: Villain Montage

Was bored.  Made this!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Video: Arby 'n' the Chief S04E01: "Out of Reach"

Well, here it is, the Arby 'n' the Chief season four premiere.  Hope you enjoy.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Music: Digital Cheesecake Invasion

lol, check this out.


Monday, June 21, 2010

News: Batman: City of Scars


You gotta check this out; an independently made Batman movie, shot in 21 days on a $27,000 budget, sub-titled "City of Scars".  I just had to share it, it's a fantastic effort from writer/director/editor Aaron Shoenke.  Spread the word!

- Jon

Video: One Life Remaining S2: Episode 3


You can view the third episode of One Life Remaining's second season here.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates again.  Been pretty busy with E3 and stuff.  Got a number of things to cake care of:

New Videos:
One Life Remaining S2: Episode 2 (View)
Arby 'n' the Chief S4 Teaser (View)

Airing this upcoming Saturday should be the One Life Remaining S2: Episode 3 as well as the E3 coverage that I'm doing, Top X Hidden Gems of E3 (haven't figured out the number yet, still gotta go through the footage and find out what worked and what didn't).

Also, looking at the comments for the Arby 'n' the Chief S4 Teaser, I think those at besides myself that worked on Arby 'n' the Chief in LA are taking too much heat, people think I'm coming in to "save" the series.  I still wrote the majority of Arby 'n' the Chief in LA, so it was primarily my fuck-up.  I screwed it up.  Though granted, I didn't exactly have the greatest launching point, I started writing around the fourth episode in the season and the series was heading in a direction I didn't feel confident in, but I had to give the story a middle and an end anyway.  My heart just wasn't really in it.  I think a lot of credit needs to go to the voice actors and the editor on Arby 'n' the Chief in LA, they did a good job.

The premiere episode of Arby 'n' the Chief season four should air next Saturday.

Regarding E3, I do have a piece of coverage coming this upcoming Saturday as I mentioned, and I will be covering the top X amount of "hidden gems" at the event, the stuff other people aren't really covering that ranges from kinda cool to completely ridiculous.  I try to be pleasant at each presentation even if it's completely retarded, I'll let the audience judge the exhibits for themselves.  Seriously, there's some stupid shit here at E3 this year.  It's hilarious.

I could cover the better stuff, but there's a million other places you can go for coverage hosted by people much better at interviews and performing in front of the camera than I am.  For instance, all of my co-workers, like the Inside Gaming crew.  I'm fucking terrible, anyway.  I'm just here for comic relief, really.

Who do I think won E3 this year?  Nintendo, man.  They fucking kicked everybody's ASS this year.  The 3DS, in my opinion, is the most amazing piece of hardware at the show.  On top of that, Nintendo announced portable 3D revamped Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64, brought back Kid Icarus and Donkey Kong Country, had Kirby's Epic Yarn which looks insane, a fucking new Goldeneye revamp for Wii that's actually decent, and of course Zelda Skyward Sword (which I was expecting to be a little more original and inspired, it really just looking like Twilight Princess with Wind Waker's color palette), but no doubt it'll be fun anyway.  Nintendo sure as hell didn't pull any punches.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Secret Project: Arby 'n' the Chief season four

Hey all.

I was gonna save this until aired a teaser trailer for my new project, but that's at least a week away and it was already premiered publicly at CanWest 2010 anyway.

I'm doing one more season of Arby 'n' the Chief.  This is not a continuation of Arby 'n' the Chief in LA.  This is a continuation of the original series, and I will be handling all aspects of production again.  No melodrama, no crazy plots, no new characters, just classic Arby 'n' the Chief, back-and-forth banter and wacky around-the-house antics.  The first two episodes of this fourth season (picking up pretty much where "King" from season three left off, with the original opening credits and everything) are centered around the Halo: Reach beta (not unlike the Master Chief Sucks at Halo 3 video), and the remaining episodes will be sweet and simple shorts centered around either other popular Xbox games or other things (I have one episode idea where the Arbiter and Master Chief compete against each other to see who can draw the greatest dick picture on opposing whiteboards).

It was the two premiere Halo: Reach beta episodes that I showed at CanWest 2010, cut together without any opening or closing credits, and I'm happy to say that the audience loved it.

The catch?  The episodes are shorter.  They're extremely tedious to film, and I'm already putting a lot of work into One Life Remaining's second season which will continue to run alongside this new Arby 'n' the Chief season.

The big improvement in writing seen in One Life Remaining so far will also apply to Arby 'n' the Chief, so the episodes might be short but the substance will be there.

So yeah, there you have it.  Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.  It's very much a gift for the fans.


P.S. One Life Remaining season 2 episode 2 was supposed to air this Saturday and... it didn't.  Again.  There's some malfunctioning with's programming schedule I guess.  It'll most likely go up this following Saturday instead.

P.P.S. CanWest 2010 was a blast and I met so many great people, the Rooster Teeth community's made up of some pretty nice folks.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Video: One Life Remaining S2: Episode 1


Well, it's finally up: the premiere of One Life Remaining's second season can be viewed here.

This one was a bit experimental and it's a bit thick with melodrama.  Don't think I haven't picked up on it, the original script actually used to be a lot worse (enough that I cringed, after watching it play out with audio/video as opposed to merely on paper) but I cut out and replaced a bunch of dialogue near the end during post.  Also, reserve your overall judgement until at least the episode after this one where there's a noticeable jump in plot (as well as tolerability to watch).  High school drama in Halo, I know, I know.  Gay.  But... it's one of the worlds I know best.

Only this one episode takes place during that time anyway.  The second episode jumps six months into the future, a short time after the events of season one, and starts right in Anthony and Chad's (and Peter's) apartment.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Music: The End of the Line


I made another tune that I plan to use for One Life Remaining eventually, you can check it here!


Music: Reaching the Cookie Jar


I just finished up a simple little tune for that secret project I mentioned, if some of you would like to have a listen.  You can hear it here.

Hear it here.  lol gettit?


Monday, May 17, 2010

News: One Life Remaining season two and CanWest 2010 details


The premiere of the second One Life Remaining season was supposed to air on Saturday, but it did not.  As I've stated, programming is another department, this kind of thing is out of my hands, but I've told them what's up and it should be straightened out soon.  So in the meantime, I'll go over what you can expect from the season.

The first episode acts as a prologue to the season, taking place four years before the events of season one.  The second episode then begins a short time after season one's finale, the real beginning in a sense, and from there each episode takes place right after the last (except for the fourth episode which will be a flashback episode entirely dedicated to Kathryn's history).

The first season was very experimental and very much just a platform for a joke or two, there were a lot of filler episodes (until the last three).  Not so in the new season, in which every episode is very story driven, each scene serving the purpose of pushing the story forward.  No filler.  I've also really tried to punch up the writing this time around, and structurally, I'm trying to make the story solid enough that if all the episodes in the season were played at once, it would be like watching a feature film, with appropriately placed major plot points.  It's a lot of work -- I'm really throwing myself into this now.  Nearly all of my free time, never mind my actual work time, is being put into this (and my secret project).  During the time I'm not working, I'll either be playing Demon's Souls on PS3 for a couple hours, or I'm self-educating myself on story structure and professional screenplay writing, buying/reading a lot of books.

For any other aspiring screenplay writers, I highly recommend reading the books on the subject by Syd Field, including "Screenplay", "The Screenwriter's Workbook" and "The Screenwriter's Problem Solver".  Those are a great place to start.

As I've been working on the new season, I've fallen into a number of depression pits in which I think to myself over and over, "Who the hell's gonna enjoy this and take it seriously?  Halo characters?  Give me a break, Halo machinima is so lame, nerdy, overused and boring to watch now.  Who am I kidding, I can't write worth shit".  But it's all part of the writing process.  It sucks, and if you want to pursue writing as a career, you gotta be prepared to deal with the symptoms.

I hope people that watch will try and ignore the fact that it's done in Halo and focus on the dialogue and the music and everything else I try and exceed at to make watching lifeless Master Chief models moving around and bobbing heads tolerable.  Trust me, I think it's just as lame as everyone else, but fuck it.  Machinima's a great way to get film out there on a $0 budget, and working with the Theatre mode camera can really build your skill at capturing action within the frame in a compelling way which can easily carry over to live action when your career eventually calls for it.  That's my plan.

Anyway, onto CanWest 2010.  If you're unfamiliar with it and you happen to live in or near Vancouver, the website is here:

I will be attending and showing the first two episodes back-to-back of my secret project (I'd just go ahead and tell everybody but I think might want to do some kind of promotion for it, in which case I don't think I'm at liberty to give details right now).  The screening is on May 30th, and I'll be there to show the two episodes and then answer some questions afterwards from the audience.  After that, I believe everyone has the opportunity to meet for drinks, which I will also be attending.  The details are all on the website.

What I WILL say about what I'm showing at the event right now is this: chances are it's exactly what you think it might be.

Thanks for keeping up with my blog!

- Jon

P.S. Yes, my photo on the website is very, very gay.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Iron Man 2


A cool fan of mine asked if I was gonna do an Iron Man 2 review, and I thought that was a neat idea.  For anyone that cares what I think, that is.

It's very much become a cliche to say "the original is better" when it comes to just about anything, and there's a reason for that; it's usually true, and it applies here.  However, Jon Favreau and the energetic cast, especially Robert Downey Jr., give Iron Man 2 just enough sparkle to make it a very worthy addition to the superhero movie library (where The Dark Knight still reigns supreme, but anyway...).

As soon as you see Robert's face in his first sequence when his suit is being disassembled on the stage of the Stark Expo, he gives a charming little look to the audience that gets you invested into his character immediately, and he keeps that level of energy throughout the entire film which really holds it together (I really consider him one of the greatest actors alive).  In fact, the entire cast is fantastic, and you can tell that they're having a lot of fun together both in front of and behind the camera which bleeds into the film.

Mickey Rourke is captivating as always (if you haven't already, watch The Wrestler -- it kicks ass), but I felt his talents were somewhat wasted here -- I would've liked to see a lot more of Whiplash.  In fact in some ways, Whiplash felt a bit tacked on to the story, though the montage of him building his suit with the whips with the powerful orchestral backing was an awesome opener.  I was pretty disappointed that his final battle with Iron Man and War Machine was very short and predictable.

Scarlett Johansson, cute as a button, plays the Black Widow, the first on-screen female superhero I actually respected.  Without any idiocy or unwarranted sass, she gets her jobs done and kicks a lot of ass while doing it.

Another thing that really helped hold the movie together was the chemistry between Pepper Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Tony Stark.  I was worried that this time around that the crew weren't going to give their relationship the attention that they gave it in the first film, but they did, and even surpassed it in some ways (except for the annoying lack of Pepper Pots around the middle of the film when she's pissed at Tony).

I'm a fan of Sam Rockwell, but for some reason I found Justin Hammer's character quite annoying and forgettable.

I didn't mind the sub-plot of Tony Stark's technology killing him at the same time it was keeping him alive, but I felt it wasn't executed as well as it could have been.  We didn't really get to see Tony too torn up about it, not only for himself but the fact that the entire Stark legacy would abruptly end.  It wouldn't have taken much either, and it wouldn't even need to have much dialogue, if any; just a simple tiny scene where we can see the pain behind the strong, confident exterior would have been enough.  It would have made Tony's path of self-destruction and following recklessness and drunkenness at his disaster of a house party much more interesting and painful to watch.

Don Cheadle did a better job taking Terrence Howard's place than I originally expected.  His back-and-forth with Tony definitely worked.

One of the huge draws of the film is the fact that all the dialogue feels very natural.  Jon Favreau is very generous with the ad-libbing and the cast, Robert especially, are happy to oblige.  You don't ever get the feeling that dialogue is being read from a page.

Jon Favreau flaunts himself a bit in front of the camera this time around as Happy Hogan, Tony Stark's assistant and limousine driver, but it's okay.  As the movie buff from Family Guy playing Yoda in the show's parody of The Empire Strikes Back hilariously put it, Jon Favreau seems like the type of guy that would do your laundry if you asked him, so his appearance is more than welcome.  And given that Jon's the director, I personally love seeing him having so much fun making his own movie.  It gives me the feeling that there's a very good, playful, and passionate energy that underlies the film.

The middle of the film felt a bit messy to me, I can't quite put my finger on it.  The fact that Nick Fury kind of came out of nowhere bugged me a bit.  I didn't feel any immersion into the world of S.H.I.E.L.D., the members of it were just kinda... there.  However, the first act and the third act parenthesizing the film were very well done.

I also wish they fleshed out the story of Tony and Ivan's fathers a bit more rather than just being referenced occasionally, as it's Tony's father's past research that leads to Tony's significant discovery around the third act that allows Tony to save his own life.

Jon Favreau is a genius behind the camera, and a particular sequence comes to mind near the end of the film with Iron Man and War Machine in a botanical garden.  Before the drones come and attack, there's a brief period where they're alone and talking back-and-forth trying to strategize for their retaliation and take proper positions.  It's a big-budget shot as both characters are in their full armor walking around, but the camera very generously stays on them with nothing happening around them for a few minutes and they banter very genuinely; it's as if Jon Favreau is subtly telling the audience that he hasn't forgotten that these two armor-plated fighting machines are dynamic human beings, and their banter plays very nicely against the visual effects involved in the suits that they're wearing.

It's not quite the film the original was (the first Iron Man had flawless pacing), but as sequels go, Iron Man 2 is a great effort from Jon Favreau and crew that's definitely worth seeing and I eagerly anticipate the third installment, with fingers crossed that they never sacrifice character for plot.  I'm pretty sure Jon knows what he's doing though.  He's a smart guy, and currently one of my favorite directors.

Well, that was my impression of the film.

Yeah, I'm not good at conclusions.


P.S.  If you're stoked for The Avengers, stay for the end of the credits.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

News: Halo: Reach beta impressions

A lot of people have been e-mailing me inquiring about my thoughts on the beta, so I guess I'd better get on this finally.

In my opinion (let's just establish that obvious fact to limit possible hate mail), the Halo: Reach beta is a prime example of the whole being more than the sum of it's parts.  Don't get me wrong, they put some pretty cool stuff in the game this time around, but some pretty lame stuff too (Armor Lock, anybody?).  However, the end result is simply a fun game.  A lot more fun than Halo 3 was.

I'll start with the weapons.  The DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) is pimp.  Not quite as lethal as Halo 3's Battle Rifle, but it really feels right using it, especially with the expanding reticules if you try and spam the fire button and the reduced auto aim.  The DMR is deadly in the right hands and very satisfying when a kill is had with it.  Same goes for the single-shot Needler (I don't know the names very well).  I'm also very glad that the pistol is back, not too over-powered but strong enough to support yourself if your primary runs out and accurate enough to land a few headshots now and then.  On the downside, I can't believe the fucking Energy Sword is still in (pissing everyone off with it's generous lunge distance since Halo 2 and it's still around), being spammed in the face with the Focus Rifle is pretty annoying (a combination of the old Covenant Sniper and the Sentinel Beam, as if anyone ever used the Sentinel Beam), and the one that shoots four homing explosive charges of plasma is cheap as shit.

The cheapness doesn't end there however, with the introduction of the Armor Lock armor ability, the new thing to spam if you're a total pussy.  Too many times I get into gunfights with a player, who knows he's gonna lose, then pusses out with Armor Lock and holds it as long as he can until his teammates can bail him out of his predicament.  I called one guy out on it and he told me "it was strategy".  Fuck that shit.  I mean, if there's no one else around, it's easy enough to wait for his Armor Lock to expire and then promptly ruin his shit, but it's very annoying to run into that on a constant basis.  I can see how it would be cool to ward off Energy Swords, Rocket Launchers, and vehicles hurtling towards you, but still.

The rest of the Armor Abilites I don't really have a problem with -- in fact, I love the sprint ability.  Straight out of Modern Warfare 2 obviously, but it works here and it's very nice to have to get into the action quickly from your spawn point, not to mention getting through a sketchy, dangerous area.  The Gravity Hammer/Energy Sword and sprint combo pisses me off though.  The jetpack's pretty cool but I don't use it personally, you're eased up and down very lightly by its thrust and it's not too hard for people to pick you off in mid-air.  It's also nice to have the cloaking to switch to if you feel like playing slower and stealthier, but combined with the Energy Sword or the Shotgun it can be infuriating to deal with from other players.  I hate campers, as you have no doubt noticed.

I've also noticed a big jump in the quality of music just listening to the score of the Bungie intro and the main menu theme, really nice stuff.  And Bungie has some genius user interface designers, all the menus are sleek and very functional.

I like the credit system they've incorporated, and I feel they're earned at a pace that's just right.  I just hope that there will be plenty of stuff to spend those credits on and we don't all end up buying everything and having a massive stockpile of unused credits.

Grenade spam has always been a present and annoying phenomenon in the Halo games, and it's still very much here.  Way too many players treat their left triggers as their primary fire.  Learn to aim your gun, you fucks.  I thought Bungie might have done something to limit it this time around, but alas... it's just one of those things we've all gotta put up with I guess.  I can understand how limiting players to one grenade per spawn would suck.

The controls are great this time around, with all the player's offensive actions mapped to the triggers and the bumpers.  It's a bit hard to get used to at first, but it quickly becomes second nature.

I'm getting tired now, so I'll stop there.  Like I said, the game has some pretty extreme annoyances, but enough cool stuff for the skilled players to keep it attractive.  I like it, and I'm gonna buy it when it comes out.

On a side note, I'm still working on that secret project I mentioned earlier (very much a gift for the fans) and it will be unveiled pretty soon.  Stay tuned!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Video: One Life Remaining S2: Teaser

Hey all,

A teaser for the new season of One Life Remaining has been released and it can be viewed here.  On second glance, it doesn't really do the season much justice, but it was a total rush job -- I had originally intended to spend a bit of time on it and make it epic, but I was asked yesterday to whip it up and turn it in that afternoon ASAP so it could be aired today.

And it was not my idea for the Alan Wake stuff mixed in, sorry about that.  I didn't even know that was going to happen.  Especially that "HE KNOWS" thing that covers over 9000 percent of the screen... *headdesk*

And yeah, I finally got voice actors for this new season.  I realize some people are raging because I used to refuse help (due to the hassles of co-ordinating people), but things are a bit different at the offices now.  I have co-workers in the Los Angeles building, most with plenty of voice-over experience, perfectly willing to lend their talents and they also have a sound booth which means I don't have to worry about the quality being shit, and voices are recorded and delivered promptly so I can pop them right into the timeline.  Please don't take it personally if I turned you down for a voice-over position in the past.

Anyway, I know the trailer makes the season look boring and melodramatic, but I ask you to please reserve judgement until you see the first episode when it airs, or better yet, the second (they're both already completed), and I'm personally looking forward to doing a sequence in the third one that I think is really cool.

As for the series as a whole, it starts out a bit ordinary and calm but things pick up relatively quickly, and by the time the finale comes along it will be insane.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Music: Desperate Measure

Hey all,

Made another little piece of music for Kathryn for something she does a bit later on in the new season, you can check it out here.

I've been pretty busy recently, putting a lot of effort into the new season of One Life Remaining, plus a secret project that I'm not quite ready to announce yet but I'm sure will please many people!  Stay tuned.


P.S. Happy 4/20!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

News: FAQ re-write


I recently read my FAQ that I wrote starting about two years ago, and I've just realized how much of a dick I came off as, which is pretty embarrassing because I know a lot of people look at it.  Sorry about that, I'm gonna rewrite it pretty soon.  Just goes to show how people change.

Also, there's a new post under this you should check out if you haven't already.


UPDATE: Same goes for those "Guide to Halo 3 Machinima" tutorials, they make me sound like a mega-dick.  I hope those that check that video series just take the good and leave the bad, absorbing the info but dismissing the arrogant attitude.

Music: Very Bad Girl


So I wrote another bit of music for One Life Remaining.  This one I'm planning to use as Kathryn's theme music, her being a primary antagonist in the second season.  You can check it here.  I think it's some of my best yet, I really played around with the velocity of each note.


UPDATE: The music has been updated with better percussion and other stuff.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Music: One Life Remaining Season 2 Theme


I wrote this little piece of music recently for my second season premiere of One Life Remaining that you might be interested in, it can be listened to here.  The actual premiere probably won't air for a little while though.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Video: One Life Remaining S1: Episode 13

Well, here it is, the season finale of One Life Remaining.  I hope everyone likes it.  You can view it here.  I think it's just been uploaded so it'll take a little while for there to be an option to boost the quality, looks like shit at the moment.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

News: Cave Story rocks.


If you have a Wii and you have access to the Wii Shop channel, you gotta check out Cave Story (under WiiWare).  Heartwarmingly retro and rich with story and characters, it's one of the best sidescrollers I've ever played.

- Jon

Friday, March 26, 2010

News: OLR finale, second season

I was playing around with some phat beatz and recreated the Death Egg Zone theme from Sonic & Knuckles out of boredom.

Also, the One Life Remaining season finale is complete, but it won't air until next Saturday.  Machinima's got their own programming line-up thing going on that I don't even have anything to do with, so there's nothing I can do.

If you liked episode 12, you'll love episode 13.

That said, I've decided to do a second season of One Life Remaining shortly following the finale (I'll be taking a couple weeks off for story planning).  This time around I think I have a solid and rich story, and it's being laid out from beginning to end across the season.  I've been alloted more time on each episode to make the score better too.  I'm looking forward to it.

I know I said I was planning to do like a comedy sketch or action series, but they just weren't turning out great on paper, too many kinks to work out (and I want to work on something this season that I can really be proud of and not have shitty writing, flat jokes and a million plot holes, e.g. Hard Justice and even the first season of OLR somewhat).  I recently got such great ideas for a second season of One Life Remaining that I really want to do it now.  So yeah, that's coming soon.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Video: One Life Remaining S1: Episode 12

Here it is, the second last episode of the season, leading up to the finale.  You can view it here.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flash: A Gamer Torn


I had jack to do today, so I spent a good deal of my Saturday on this little flash short!  This isn't associated with machinima or anything, this was all done in my spare time for the sake of comedy.  It can be viewed here!  Enjoy.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Video: One Life Remaining S1: Episode 11


Well, here it is, the eleventh One Life Remaining.  Like I said earlier, it's the first one I underscored myself.  I spent a lot of time on it, hope you dig it!  You can view it here.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

News: OLR finale, Sonic Classic Collection


Well, One Life Remaining is just about finished.  There's a few gaping plot holes in the season, as per usual with my shit as I barely have time to plan, but I think it's the most coherent season of episodes I've released so far (that follow a story arc, the old Arby 'n' the Chief doesn't really count).

I think fans of the series will get a kick out of the finale.  The last three upcoming episodes are quite interwoven with each other to achieve maximum suspense in the last one.  Also, the upcoming eleventh episode is the first episode of anything I've created that I've used my rough musical abilities to provide an underscore to, to give the show an extra layer of suspense (I spent a lot of extra time on it).  It's something I plan to do much more often.  The same goes for twelve and thirteen.

After One Life Remaining, I have a number of paths I can take.  I'm not necessarily done with One Life Remaining, I'm interested in doing a coherent second season, but perhaps not right away.  I'm leaning towards either a random sketch show, or a story driven action series in the vein of Die Hard or 24 or something, which would really be an opportunity to flex my music muscle.

Completely off-topic, for those who are interested, there's a game for the Nintendo DS coming out this week called Sonic Classic Collection, and it contains Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, and you're able to actually use the lock-on feature and play Sonic 2/3 & Knuckles, something you could previously only do in Sonic Mega Collection (but you have to do a bunch of stupid, tedious shit to unlock it first, like stop and start one of the other Sonic games a hundred times).  And now it's PORTABLE!  I know it probably seems odd to make a big deal about this on my blog, but this is the coolest shit ever from my perspective.

I need a time killer until Perfect Dark comes out on XBLA on the 17th of March anyways.

In addition, the olympics are almost over, and the time is near for every obnoxious sports fan crowding outside every restaurant and bar in Vancouver shouting, high-fiving each other and slapping their dicks together to fuck off already.  Rejoice.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Video: One Life Remaining S1: Episode 10


The tenth One Life Remaining can be viewed here!


P.S. I know it kinda sucks, but the next episode is when shit goes down.  I'm trying to go all out with the pre-planning for the finale, and that includes musically scoring it with my newfound abilities.  By finale, I mean episodes 11, 12, and 13.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Music: "Detonator Fumble"

Check out "Detonator Fumble" here!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Music: Cyberthreat!

Experience "Cyberthreat" here!

My best piece yet.  Starting to get the hang of things.

Man, I've just about had it with all this Olympics shit over here.  The media is over-saturated with it to the point where it's brainwashing, not to mention a population spike of two million people in a city without enough room is pretty cool, and all the other little things this event's gonna fuck up, like traffic and jobs.

During a single walk around the downtown area of Vancouver I spotted no less than three people wearing giant Canadian flags as capes, down to their heels.  Everyone else was wearing red and white everything with the word "Canada" plastered everywhere, as well as those fucking mittens everyone keeps going on about.  RAGE.

The Olympics has brought one cool thing though: Stephen Colbert, who's doing a taping of the Report and doing interviews near Science World next week (for Vancouverites that might not know already).  I'm fucking stoked.

Also, it won't be long before CanWest 2010 is here, and I'll most likely be producing something for it.  I don't have anything solid to deliver as of yet, but I'm aiming at another 25 minutes-or-so original video (not Arby 'n' the Chief).  It'll be completely separate from my job at, meaning it'll be an original production specifically for CanWest and be uploaded onto the web later, probably under my original YouTube account (DigitalPh33r).  No promises yet though.  More later.

Just checked out the ViDoc for Halo: Reach... my faith in Bungie is revitalized (I made a blog post about Halo 3: ODST not being on par with Modern Warfare 2 or Uncharted 2, but still being sold on shelves for the same price, which WAS some BS), I guess they just bloomed late with their next big hit.  Not that I ever had a problem with Bungie, I knew they'd impress eventually.  Reach looks pretty fucking nice.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Video: One Life Remaining S1: Episode 9

Hey all,

The ninth One Life Remaining is up and can be viewed here.

Don't worry, no more poor attempts at music yet to make professional music connoisseurs out there rage some more.  Eventually, though!  I might suck, but at least I'm getting shit done and dipping my toes in the musical sea.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Music: Fate's Path

Made another one.

I gotta work on my transitions between melodies, but I think it still turned out kewl.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Music: MOAR music (now with 100% better music)

UPDATE: And this one:  :3

UPDATE: I also made this:  Way faster pace.  I fucking love this software.


So guess what I bought?  EastWest Quantum Leap: Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition.  For those that don't know, it's a sampler with quality samples of pretty much every orchestral instrument you'd need.  It's one of the programs of choice for people that write music for Hollywood television or films.

I know I'm nowhere near that level yet, but I enjoyed tinkering around with shitty sounds in FL Studio so much that I figured I should invest in what I love doing and produce some pretty decent tracks as I learn more and more.

EWQL SO Gold was about $500.  ...Yeah.  ...Well, at least I won't be buying music off anymore for my videos -- I can make my own!  This is one of my first efforts:

I made it in about two hours.  No loops, I painted every individual note for every instrument on the sequencer (except for the violin screech near the end, that's kind of a loop I guess).  I'm really proud of it, and I feel like I've opened a whole new creative door for myself.

So yeah, if you're into music, I'd advise you invest in the same thing, or maybe one of the other packages (there's one for drums, one for just orchestral instruments, one for choir singing, you can browse through them at

It takes a lot of getting used to, and it's a fucking pain in the ass just to familiarize yourself with the security features set in place to prevent this shit from getting pirated.  I can understand why, but fucking hell.  Took me eight hours just to get it working so I could START playing instruments.  It's worth it though.  Creating music is such a time and stress killer.

- Jon

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Music: Phat tunez


A few people asked for the music I wrote for the Hard Justice finale.  Check it out here.

I was playing with some strings and drum loops and came up with this in my leisure as well.  You just might dig it.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Video: Hard Justice S2: Episode 13


The finale of Hard Justice is finally up.  You can view it here.

It was supposed to be up on Saturday but I guess there was a mix-up in programming or something.  People seem to think I'm responsible for any hiccups in the release of my stuff.  I have nothing to do with it, owns whatever material they showcase.  On a very basic level, I make shit and they buy it from me.  What they do with it is their call.

When I found it still wasn't up today however, I contacted my production manager about it and it's straightened out now.

Hope you enjoy.  You might be pissed off by the messy, ham-fisted way I wrapped up the complex plot.  You might notice a few gaping plot holes (or rather, chasms) that I'm very aware of.  You might think the plot of the episode is ridiculous to the point of facepalm.  You're right.  I hope you enjoy it anyway.  I ended it the best way I could think of given the time that I had and given the millions of mistakes I made in the show's (and season's) development early on.

I also noted earlier that the ending had a nod to Modern Warfare 2's ending.  Maybe it seems more than just a nod to some, but the characters, the scenario, the dialogue and the events are completely different, all I was really inspired by was the colors, mood, and tension.  Plus it's not like MW2 was the first to come up with a fiery showdown between two rivals.

Come on, it's not like Hard Justice, a series founded on a cock joke, ever had a serious let alone coherent plot.

Now I can finally stop doing what I'm obviously bad at, long-term story telling, and focus on what I'm better at.  I'm aiming at creating a sketch comedy show or something.  More details on that later.


P.S. I actually created the orchestral backing myself with FL Studio during the Bernard/Mason confrontation! I'm not boasting or anything lame like that, but I am kind of proud with the way the piece turned out, plus this might encourage some of you to play around with a music sequencer like I did given the kind of stuff you can churn out (hell, if I can do it, of all people, anybody can fucking do it).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

News: Hard Justice finale and other things

Sorry again for the lack of updates.  I have a good explanation.


Alright, I don't.

I'm like a sixth-grader standing awkwardly in front of his teacher trying frantically to come up with an acceptable reason for not doing homework, and not having one (been there 97293874 times).  I'm just a lazy fuck, that about sums it up.

"Hmm, I should really update my blog.  ...'Kay, right after another smoke and one more jiggy in Banjo-Kazooie."

Anyway, I thought the Hard Justice season finale would have been up last Saturday, but instead it was replaced with Arby 'n' the Chief in LA episode 4.  It's done, they have it, so it'll be up this upcoming Saturday instead.  A bit of info on the finale actually, I originally had it written out weeks ago, and then a few days before the production, I decided that it was too depressing and too much of a cliffhanger so I completely rewrote it, beefing up the original humor of the series people miss as well as the epicness.  There's a small nod to Modern Warfare 2's campaign in the finale by the way, in terms of music and camerawork.  I can't be the only one that was blown away by it's ending sequence.

Sorry about the mediocrity of the new Arby 'n' the Chief in LA series.  It's most likely at least partly my fault because of my writing and my decision to introduce new video game characters but I did what I thought was right to mix things up a little and make the show at least enjoyable.  I viewed the rough cut before it was released and I was pleased with it, but I guess when a lot of people start getting involved in your projects your vision is lost and you lose objectivity.  I'll continue to do my best.

Hard Justice is done, One Life Remaining's first season is nearly finished, and it won't be long before I have the writing done for the rest of the Arby 'n' the Chief in LA series.  After that, there's nothing concrete I can give you other than that I do plan to create a new series, and I'd like to do a short sketch comedy show where I don't have to worry about story arcs and continuity and I can concentrate on short, funny, relatable scenarios.

Thanks for keeping up with my blog and everything even though I'm pathetic at keeping the damn thing updated.

- Jon

Video: One Life Remaining S1: Episode 9


Sorry for the huge lack of updates.  Episode 9 of One Life Remaining is out and can be viewed here.

- Jon

Sunday, January 10, 2010

News: I have a question.

..How the fuck did I miss this?

Perfect Dark 64 on Xbox Live Arcade with smoother and improved graphics running at 60FPS, nice textures, all the features of the original plus Xbox Live support and features with co-operative and competitive online multiplayer?  My mind is fucking blown.  Goodbye Modern Warfare 2.

- Jon

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Music: Music!

'S up.

Unfortunately for humanity, I've gotten my hands on a bit of software known as FL Studio (a synthetic music creation program).  I will now burden the world with these two works I've whipped up so far!

If you're a frequent Newgrounds visitor and a Flash artist or something and you wanna use these phat tunes in your projects, you don't have to notify me, I don't care.  Just follow Newgrounds' crediting procedure where you put the little song I.D. number on the thingy when you submit whatever it is.

If you wanna do this too, believe me, it's easy.  I got the basic hang of the program in like twenty minutes.  Download a demo here!  It's a HUGE time killer.