Sunday, November 22, 2009

News: Bunch of updates and shit

Hey guys.

I myself don't think much of my blog, just a higgledy-piggledy collection of links and lately I haven't been going out of my way to update it, and to those people that actually frequently check this place for updates because they find something entertaining about it only to find nothing, I apologize.

What got me thinking about that was reading all the comments on's premiere episodes of "Arby 'n' the Chief: in LA", most of them defending me, which most people probably wouldn't be doing if they didn't actually see my blog update stating my non-affiliation with the show.  Thanks for that.  As for my opinion on the new show, I don't want to be dissing the company I work for, but I'm sure most of you guys have a pretty good idea.

Not that the Arby 'n' the Chief thing is like a prized possession of mine that I'm scared to hand off, as if it was my child, I really just don't give a shit.  They were an amusing method of getting my voice heard and saying some shit I thought was funny, and that's it, really.  There's plenty of different ways of offering the same thing.

I'm not really sure what's gonna happen once I finish this One Life Remaining series and this latest Hard Justice series, maybe there'll be another one of each if Machinima want them; otherwise, I'm not sure.  Preferrably I'd like to have just a straight writing job, no production, as it's such a pain in my asshole now.

Sure, a job where you work from home and make your own hours sure has it's perks, but once I finish a script, it's tedious as fuck.  First, you tend to want to "lessen" what's in your script when you know you're gonna have to build it all and act it out as well, then after that, I have to build the Forge sets, plug in four controllers, move all the players slowly and carefully for hours and hours, going straight into Theatre, looking around with the camera, getting every shot just right, making mistakes over and over again, always having to rewind...  Argh.  Then when I get all the game footage onto the computer I have to fucking trim it all and shit, cut it exactly right, clean the sound, add the music, the text, every week.

I mean, whenever it gets overly tedious, I only have to take five minutes to remind myself what the alternative is: working retail in the electronics department of a large store, blabbering on and ringing in items mindlessly, stripped of my individuality for a paycheck that I would blow entirely on video games and other dumb shit that kept me sane throughout the job and high school.  Then the work tends to become a bit more bearable.

Back to what's coming, more than likely there'll at least be a second season of One Life Remaining.  Nothing guaranteed, but that's probably what's gonna happen.  I still have a wealth of fresh ideas for One Life Remaining.  Hard Justice, not so much, hence it's decline in season 2 so far.

I'm not sure if it's heartwrenching to hear an author diss his own fiction that you might enjoy, but I hope you're cool with that, it's just how I roll, you know?  I'm usually never pleased with anything I do (other than a few gems), and if I have a problem with something I've done, then I think other people should know about it, know what's going through the mind of the author.

Tragically, any time I write something I'm proud of, I just go, "Well, that's it.  I probably won't write anything this funny ever again."  Every.  Fucking.  Time.  It's an irritating feeling, and I'm almost always wrong about it thanks to last minute inspiration.  It's stressful.  Not that I'm comparing the stress to the level of suffering from panic attacks, but the writing process is metaphorically similar to suffering a panic attack every week and each time, thinking "This is it, I really AM going to die this time."

I think one of the keys to writing is having a fresh pair of eyes.  I like to write rough drafts early and look at them closer to production time, then it's almost like you're reading somebody else's because you don't quite remember it clearly enough, and thus you can be effectively critical on it and change what needs to be changed.  For example, episode five of One Life Remaining was a script that sat around for two weeks, then I read it just before production and realized it sucked shit so I completely re-wrote it in a few hours and produced the new script.  Seriously, writing's weird.  The requirements for a hit or miss script are so fucking vague, most of the time a script's success is just a stroke of luck I think, really.

Sometimes a shit scriipt can be a good movie with the right actors and the right crew, sometimes just a shitty crew and bad camerawork can ruin an entire movie, sometimes it's a great script and the actors suck terribly, and sometimes those movies get bad reviews, sometimes they get good ones.  Everything is so all over the place, the entertainment industry is weird.  When you make a movie, you just gotta cross your fingers and hope that all the people involved in production had just the right chemistry to get along and work hard.  In fact, that's really all it comes down to: human interaction.  People.  And you can't fuckin' trust people, man.  Human brains.  Complex patterns of brain synapses that create a persona, patterns so prone to failure and the law of randomness.


Thanks again everybody for keeping up with the blog and all my videos and shit, even when they're crap or not funny or whatever.  I appreciate it.

My job aside, I'm probably gonna be founding a little video production company and creating pure live action comedy shorts with some good friends, which I hope gets going once I get a few pieces of equipment.

By the way, here's the videos I missed:

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