Saturday, July 25, 2009

News: On my way back


So I'm just at Glasgow airport heading back home now. It's funny, I get a lot of people from Scotland e-mailing me saying I have a very British sense of humor and I'd "fit right in" in Glasgow. I am a Canadian citizen, but I was born in the heart of Glasgow and came to Canada when I was four.

I regularly visit Scotland because the majority of my family is there.

So there, just a bit of history for you for those that are interested. NahwhatImeen, by the way? Aye ye do, ya wee bawbags. Aye that's right, I called you's wee bawbags, got a problem wi' that? Ya better no', or I'll gi' ye a right doin', tossers. No' half! If ye got a problem, go cry to yer ma', ya wee fannies.

So yeah, normal production should resume next Saturday, the 1st of August I think.


P.S. Go Celtic, fuck Rangers! (I don't actually care by the way, it's hilarious how big a deal the UK makes of it though. I have some Celtic-supporting relatives and Rangers-supporting ones, and they'll litereally refuse to drink from a mug that has the opposing team's logo on it. It's fucking retarded).