Saturday, May 2, 2009

News: Updates and stuff


So yeah sorry for the abrupt ending to Hard Justice S2: Episode 3, I had a bunch of shit to do that week including visiting my mom for her birthday and I had to cut the last scene out to get the video delivered on time, it was a scene with Max and that new guy, which I'm going to have as the intro for episode 4 instead.

I see that the latest Arby got very mixed reviews as usual. I don't want to sound like a prick and say that perhaps poor writing on my part didn't factor in, but I honest-to-God thought I wrote a half-decent script for "Company (Part Two)", relatively speaking of course.

I think the thing about Arby 'n' the Chief is that the fans have such a mixed bag of expectations for all the episodes, and it's all so evenly divided that there's always some majority party that ends up not liking it. There's the people who wanna see the live action stuff, there's the people that wanna see more machinima, there are those that appreciate the Arbiter's zingy dialog, there's those that like Chief's antics and then there's those that simply like hearing stupid words spoken by Microsoft Sam. There's not enough time to cater to all those people in a single episode so thus I always end up disappointing a few groups.

It might also have to do with the fact that it's so popular now and there's people who stay up all night just to tune in as soon as it's uploaded and have such great expectations; it's kind of like if you bought a DVD set of a show you really like and you watched all the episodes, and even if one particular episode wasn't that great, you'd probably say to yourself, "Hey, that was okay" because you knew you could skip straight to the next episode after it's over, and you'd end up looking at the series as a whole and judging it that way instead of on a per-episode basis.

When a show's coming twice a month though, people may tend to hype it up in their heads and even if the slightest gag wasn't funny, the time spent waiting and the time they know they'll have to wait for the next one amplifies their irritation and makes them go, "I waited all this time for this?"

That's just my two cents. Anyway I hope at least some of you enjoyed it.

Regarding my flash game, it may take longer as expected since I've basically scrapped the first version and am building a second version. The first version was a very static sidescroller where jumping was animated and not scripted, and the levels didn't scroll.

This second version I'm working on now lets you jump for real, as in altering your Y value up and down, and there's also gravity and friction that factor in, and the level now scrolls past you now, resulting in a great platformer feel.

For those who want a little more detail about the game, you play as a little bald pre-schooler who's town has been infested with giant dick monsters. You're armed with a handgun, the power and magazine capacity of which can be upgraded using a money system. You can also upgrade your maximum health capacity, defense, speed and jump height. WASD to move, Q for your upgrade/status menu, E to interact with objects, R to reload your gun and F to fire.

I guess that's everything for now.