Friday, May 29, 2009

News: Big ass Arby season finale on it's way


I don't want you to get used to these lengthy videos, but unfortunately the script for the Arby 'n' the Chief season three finale was really fucking big, and I wasn't able to cut the video up into adequate parts, or even at all since I'm only allowed to have thirteen episodes per season, so get ready for a super jumbo Arby 'n' the Chief episode this Saturday.

At eighteen minutes long, it's the longest episode aside from the movie.

I really had to bust ass on this one, so I hope you dig it.

Is this the end of Arby 'n' the Chief? There's a very real possibility that it could be, but you never know. I might get some inspiration to do a bit more, but no guarantees.

Here's the episode synopsis to tide you over:

"A matchmaking game of King of the Hill on Guardian mysteriously breaks down due to an unknown error, and as Master Chief, the Arbiter and six other players refuse to leave because of fear of losing experience points or other personal reasons, they are forced to mingle with one another. Tempers shortly flare though as each player has a different favorite machinima director and ends up designating a portion of the level to himself, and it's up to the Arbiter to put everything right."


P.S. Those who have been pissed off because of the plot hole involving Todd, Travis and Cortana will most likely be pleased with this upcoming finale.