Saturday, April 18, 2009

News: New blog site!


I decided to shake off my stupid "DigitalPh33r" alias and create a new blog page that was not only easier on the eyes, but one that also allowed me to show the world more of my art through different mediums, such as Macromedia Flash. I am currently developing a Flash game called "Day of the Living Phalluses" which is sure to bring a few lulz to those who play it sometime in the near future.

Let's face it, I was a hypocrite to diss people's gamertags in Arby 'n' the Chief with a retarded name like "DigitalPh33r".

This new page feels a lot more personal and more right. I don't wanna be associated with JUST Halo anymore, though undeniably it IS the medium through which I show most of my talent. So far.

You may have noticed certain video links are not present in the list of my machinima productions, such as the infamous Deus Ex Machina, and let me explain. Deus Ex Machina sucks. I don't like it. At the time, I did enjoy making it, I had fun editing it and trying cool camera shit and playing with dramatic effect, but the writing is BAD. BAD, BAD, BAD. TERRIBLE writing. I apologize to those that are fans of the series but honestly, it's bad, and it's my work, so if I wanna critique it, I will.

So I've decided to list only the machinima to the left that I've made that's STILL FAIL, mind you, but just... not TOO fail.

I hope to one day get into live action productions professionally, and personally elevate myself and be one hundred percent proud of my work. The reason I've done machinima so long is that it's quick and accessible.

I have a lot of ideas, a little bit of talent, and very little patience, and those aren't things that go well together, especially when you're a one-man production team. For the time being I'm gonna stick with machinima because it's a relatively quick way to bring some of my story ideas to life, but no way does it hold a candle to professional live action film.

This site will kind of work as a portfolio for me too, a place where all my work can be viewed, machinima or otherwise.

So yeah, I hope you dig the new layout and colors and everything, I believe it's better than staring at pure white (ala the old blog).

Those who follow the old blog should start following this one as I'm not going to be posting on the old one anymore.